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  1. Yeah Maxwell was the gen where color compression really started have a serious effect. They improved upon it with Pascal.
  2. This is basically an advert and appeal to use Protonmail.
  3. I don't think we have the capabilties to assess, data or ability to decide what other may or may not need. The market usually decides that. We enthusiasts are a fraction of people. On the tech aspect. I think I agree with you although bleeding edge tech often seems to be useless and/or wasteful at first. But without making the first step progress is hampered. Innovation, selection and creative destruction feeds progress.
  4. Nobody needs that shit, relatively speaking. Go ask people on the street they'll give you weird looks.
  5. This doesn't change anything. If you filter out blue light and don't turn up the brightness you'll end up with a lower brightness overall. To not have an effect using a blue light filter you'd have to turn up brightness to compensate. If his study is accurate and found the truth basically a blue light filter should stilll help, but not for the reason you thought. It's not blue light specifically but overall brightness level.
  6. Why, if I type in "Half Life Alyx" in Duckduckgo, are the majority of pictures fanfiction nudes? WTF! Lol
  7. I'm happy to have this one. Radeon HD3870 X2 Even better in black. Haha https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/asus-hd-4870-x2-top.b1097
  8. Wasn't directed towards you, was intended as a general statement. I doesn't bother me. :)
  9. It's a joke. If you're offended by such inconsequential stuff in your life you are gonna have a hard time in the real world and waste your time with bullshit rather than focusing on the really important stuff. Too many snowflakes in our world today, not enough pragmatists and realists. I can understand women talking about this topic and raising the alarm, but not men.
  10. gimp [ gimp ] noun a flat trimming of silk, wool, or other cord, sometimes stiffened with wire, for garments, curtains, etc. a coarse thread, usually glazed, employed in lacemaking to outline designs. Where is the offense? :)
  11. LMAO people are so dumb. Bitcoin pumped from 3k to 11k this year but the "crash" from 13k to 10k and back to 12k (as I'm typing) is devastating. Give me a break... This is not a crash, it's a correction. We are testing 12k again currently. Talk about biased and fake news.
  12. Motherfuckers. Those political correctness retards really need to shut the fuck up. To all of you out there: Fuck you!