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  1. to all you riders, i was curious, my bike test is in like 2 days and wanna ask can you say go from 5th gear then put the bike in neutral and then just skip to either 1st or 2nd instead of holding the clutch and taping down every gear, being an sequential gear box and all
  2. is that ap any good i was thinking of getting it once i get the net up for my new house(double story)
  3. lol choice, ah the good old land of the monopolies, could be worst even though we have many choice here NBN(fibre) is still at hit and miss, still waiting for those lazy nbn bastards to install my NBN(FTTP) after 3 weeks of my house being build
  4. Moved to our new house. Dad said i can a speed rack from storage. Now i need another one. Cant fit any more shit on it
  5. Lol i get those letters 50% everytime i purchase from japan
  6. Lol deal with it i remember when 128 kb/s is consider "broadband". There are still a lot of places that is in a black spot, you kmow dial up
  7. Yesh but not talking about cars doing a power slide. When you push the right handle bar at speed the bike will turn right. I never get how that worked until i started thinking about it when riding my bicycle
  8. Lol i finally get. Im getting my motrbike license as im always using a car. As i was reading on how to ride a bike because the word counter steer was driving me mental turn right to go left waaaa. Soo i took my bicycle a ride around the neighbour and it clicked. As i turn left(right hand bar going forward ) i noticed that im constantly pushing back left( pushing thr left handbar back up). And was like OMFG really is thar it. Ive been countersteering all alonh since i was a baby
  9. Everything. Nah for some reason hooked into model kits planing to get a bismarck scale model kit. Got tanks gunpla, cars and mecha kits just missing ships
  10. Isn't the x86/x64 is copyrighted by Intel and then x64 by amd and then licenced it to Intel. Soo if there were to be a new cpu company that isn't a power cpu aka non x86 consoles. They would pay a hefty price Ps: lol should of read the post in the thread people already mentioned this
  11. im more of a classic metalhead so iron maiden, judus priest, metallica, black sabbath,led zeppelin etc
  12. eh demons and devils something, just imagine that post was to convey someone else
  13. i just did you said you believe in ghost im here to say there is no such thing
  14. you may believe what you will, i will not stop people from believing in there beliefs, but i can say that ghost does not exist and its just a fabrication that the human sociality made to either profit from it, its the same thing for people who believes the earth is flat even it has been proven and scientifically impossible for earth to be flat.
  15. i was looking at a new tv and came across an sony x8500e and the picture qaulity on that thing is amazing i'll will go looking out for that one too. note there is an new one apparently and the only difference i can see is that it has doby vision(x9000e model i tihnk it is) http://www.sony-asia.com/electronics/televisions/x8500e-series
  16. pretty sure you can easily solve this one your self 1. use integrated GPU fix if no 2. get new cable. fix if no 3. borrow someone else gpu fix if no(if not possible skip to step 4) 4.get new monitor fix if no 5. then look at the hardware
  17. +1 powercolour are pretty shit bought a couple in the past and they were horrible and loud last one i used was a powercolour HD6870 which was fortunate of being OK
  18. Really!! What you mean. You dont have it where you live ?.Cadbury Drinking Chocolate Is like everywhere here, could not imagine without it. Depending on the weather i always make either ice or hot chocalate out of it
  19. BEHOLD!!!! my almost finished airbrushed RX 178 from Gundam Z (i think have not watch gundam in a while). PS: used a Ozito mini compressor with some siphon airbrush too bad pics are being compressed still click on it to see a better pic quality
  20. Break failure hand break if that breaks leavin you with ni breaks then. Engine break if your in a truck. In a car mostly all you can do is shift gears down which will slow down the car(manual)
  21. eh.. not really a lost if you dont intend to watch it . looking over your list again wouldnt mined index and one punch man
  22. Lol out of all the list i will only watch persona 5, waiting for persona 6 now .imo the otheres dont need a sequal. Code gease should of stop at s1 if you ask me ?