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  1. If something is corrupt with the on-board controller it writes junk to both drives. If I have a different controller for each SSD, aren't the probabilities better that I have a good drive? I was running RAID 5, 3 HDD config. A drive went bad and the software was unable to recover my data. This was data I access once in awhile from my previous business, but still want access to. Then shortly after the Windows 10 Upgrade on a single WD 1TB HDD, the system crashed and could not find any of my system recovery files. So I purchased my first Crucial MX300 1TB SSD. Everything was great.
  2. I want to mirror my main drive (SSD) but not using the same controller. I want to install a secondary controller, presumably PCI-e SATA card with a second SSD. Not sure of the proper card or proper setup. I am sure that I want an uncorrupted version of my main drive. I have taken 2 hits to my drive where I have had to do re-installs; hence the secondary card. Not ready for a new mb and rebuild at this time. I have an HDD to use for back-up. Thanks, John
  3. AT&T and Time Warner are reportedly talking about a merger http://read.bi/2exxfXb via @clusterstock