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    Asus m5a97 r2.0
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    16GB HyperX DDR3 1600Mhz
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    2x Asus R9 480x 8GB
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    NZXT S340
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    1,5TB HDD 256GB Kingston SSD
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    BeQuiet 700Watt
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    2x Acer K24HL 24" 1x Acer 22"
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    Arctic Freezer Xtreme rev2.
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    Roccat MK FX
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    Roccat Tyon
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    HyperX Cloud2 , Astro A50 Wireless Halo edition
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  1. Hello Linustechtips Community, its now a week ago that a problem appeared on my file-Server. I am working a lot with Adobe Illustrator and i got to re-use the saved Files often. But when i am Saving something as Adobe Illustrator save, I only got an empty Icon or image in the Explorer. Thanks in advance : _Jurah_ (sry for my bad englisch if there are any questions i can try to explain the meaning to you) P.s. I already cleared and deleted the iconCache and refreshed the view of the explorer, both wasnt working.
  2. I think you schould look for a 24" Monitor with the best responsetime like 1ms. If you really wnat to get a good monitor for cs:go you will nead a 144Hz monitor but than your Budget have to be at least about 240Euros.
  3. What actually is the material you used or where did you get this ?
  4. Great its looking nice i think it will help me thanks for fast reply.
  5. Oh yeah of course i forgot about that This is the exact model https://www.amazon.de/GIGABYTE-GeForce-4096MB-GDDR5-128bit/dp/B012G7VCGU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1467937741&sr=8-2&keywords=gigabyte+GTX960
  6. Hey Linustechtips Forum. I got a little "Problem" at finding a backplate for my Gigabyte GTX960. It is the small form with 2 fans on it. I am only finding Backplates for the more typical Graphics cards and i dont know if there are even possibillities to find one for my card.Do you know where i can search for something like this ? I think Amazon isnt the best site for it. Thanks in advance.
  7. I would recommend this Calculator where you can trough every component in it to see what you need as PSU and what is prefered http://www.bequiet.com/de/psucalculator But i would also get a look on later upgrades of your System
  8. Okay i think i got the Solution Before some Days i tried to clock down everything and set the Settings of the Bios to default with normal Clockspeed but the normal mode didnt change the overclocking settings for the Voltage etc. so i had to change it myself i tried to play some games and there are till now no more Drops A huge Thanks to you all !! P.S. Linustechtips is the best Forum
  9. I am running now on normal Clock Speed with (4Ghz) als my Graphicscard is now at normal Speed but i didnt change anything there is the same problem as before
  10. okay i try it Thanks i got an old Case with really bad Airflow but my Cpu runs at 60dregrees Celsius under Load and my GPU at round about 78degrees so i thought that heat isnt the problem can i fix it with a new case and some case Fans ?
  11. Can I fix with some Settings in the Bios or do i need a new Motherboard ? thank you for this quick answer
  12. Hey Linustechtips Forum i need help. Since i Bought my new Graphicscard and my new Power Supply i got massive frame Drops in every game. It starts with normally high FPS round about 200 (in CS:GO) and then theyre dropping down to 30 or less. The drops are longer than the terms of high Frames. I tried to change Power Consumption Settings and it didnt help. I also thought that some Ram channels are defekt but this wasnt the reason too. I noticed that every time i got this Drops my Cpu utilization gets down every time i got this Frame Drops. (it s not to hot this isnt the Problem
  13. I`d like do get a SSD because my own SSD ist the SSD with i think the highest respondingtime i have ever seen in my life. I didnt know enough about PCs when i bought it or about SSD so its my fault but a fast SSD would make my whole Computer experience better
  14. I wanna stream Planetary Annihilation Titans which is to unstable to be streamed by the for free streaming programms i use till now