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    Screws with confidence


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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    Gigabyte B550i Aorus Pro AX
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4-3466 (B-Die!)
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    GTX 1070 Founder's Edition
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    Cougar QBX
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    1TB Western Digital SN750 NVMe, 500GB Dell/Toshiba NVMe, 1TB Inland Professional SSD, 960TB SanDisk Ultra II SSD, 4TB Seagate Barracuda
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    EVGA Supernova GM 650W SFX
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    LG 4K sexyness
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    Deepcool Gammaxx C40
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    Rosewill Apollo (Cherry MX Brown)
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    Logitech G602
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    Yes, it makes sound.
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    HP Envy 13" something or other
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  1. Didn't read the whole thing, but I got to the UPS part, and the Newegg rep wasn't lying. UPS stopped accepting packages from retailers for a while there because their network's capacity was maxed out. That's probably what happened. But yeah, Newegg sucks. They were bought out a couple of years back and it's been an absolute shitshow ever since. I don't even bother with buying from there anymore.
  2. Repeat after me: "Scalping" is not a thing. It is not a fucking thing. Reselling is, and the same methods available to resellers are available to you, so quit bitching about "your" GPU being "scalped". It's not yours, and it's not being scalped.



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    2. aisle9


      4 hours ago, Letgomyleghoe said:

      It's a pretty greedy and unmoral thing to do in my honest opinion, but to each their own.

      Look me in the virtual eye and tell me that if you had the ability to spend $7,000 on 10 GPUs then turn around and sell them for double, netting somewhere around $6,000 in the process, tell me you wouldn't do that.


      6 hours ago, Godlygamer23 said:

      Scalping is a thing. It's a term that describes an activity that occurs. Therefore, it is a thing. Entire articles exist on this, so yes it is a thing.

      You're correct. Scalping does exist. If you go out and buy a hundred concert tickets for $50 each then resell them for $51 each, you're scalping and breaking the law. Know why it's against the law? Because event promoters saw what was happening and pissed and moaned about it. I mean, if some guy on the street can sell those tickets for $50 and sell them all for $100, then goddammit, that needs to be illegal so only the event's promoters can sell tickets for fair market value--i.e., $100 each.


      Prevention of scalping isn't an altruistic thing at all. Scalping is not immoral or scummy or any other labels that have been attached to it. The only reason it's illegal is because event promoters want to charge more for a larger number of tickets. That's it.


      With GPUs, it's a very different landscape. For one, NVIDIA and AMD don't give a shit. They're making tons of money no matter who buys the cards from them. If I were them, I'd raise MSRP by 15-20% and blame it on the tariffs. People buying from resellers aren't obligated to do so. I don't see any guns held to anyone's heads. Resellers are using bot scrapers--the same bot scraper scripts that are available to you, to me, or to anyone else in the world--to buy cards as soon as they appear, then they're reselling those cards for market rate. Market rate and MSRP are not the same thing. Right now, the demand for those cards is high enough and supply so low that the prices they charge can be supported. As time goes by, either demand will come down or NVIDIAMD will fix their shit and supply will stop being such a big issue. At that point, you'll see the market rate come back down to MSRP, and the reseller issue that everyone's got their panties in a twist about goes away entirely.


      You didn't specifically mention miners but others have, so I'm including this here: the collective "you" have no more right to a card for sale than a miner does. If a miner can strike a special bulk buy of cards from NVIDIA or an AIB, well, you could have struck the same deal. What's that? You don't have enough money to? Hey, them's the breaks. If I had the cash and were to call NVIDIA and say, "I'm a gamer and I'd like to buy 10 GPUs for the exact same price that miner just did," those cards are mine. Miners typically have more resources at their disposal, and if that gives them a leg up, well, tough.

    3. Letgomyleghoe


      5 minutes ago, aisle9 said:

      Look me in the virtual eye and tell me that if you had the ability to spend $7,000 on 10 GPUs then turn around and sell them for double, netting somewhere around $6,000 in the process, tell me you wouldn't do that.

      No, I would not, as said above I believe it is morally wrong, you're denying others a chance at a tool, some people use these gpus for things other than gaming, believe it or not.


      6 minutes ago, aisle9 said:

      Scalping is not immoral or scummy or any other labels that have been attached to it

      yes it really is, some people literally use these cards as a part of their job, they need access to gpu's, and instead of being able to buy a new GPU they're buying 2070's and shit because they're not able to find any 3xxx or 6xxx gpu's, having to settle for an inferior product for the same price.

      The main part that I really hate about scalping is people never take a step back and realize that it is wrong, there's always a justification to make yourself feel better. Like think, It is scummy to buy these products with bots or other methods, denying legit buyers even the chance to get a grab at these cards. you're creating a shittier customer experience at a higher price, all just to make yourself a buck. It's Grade A selfishness. 

      Sure, the companies selling these cards are just there to make a profit to, but they ALL provide some sort of convenience, or unique product. TSMC turns the raw silicon into wafer, AMD into full chips, AIB's turn the chips into custom cards or cooler designs possibly offering a warranty or RMA options, Amazon or other online retailers provide shipping/pickup locations and possibly another warranty, in person stores provide a safe environment to purchase the card and allow you to receive it same day and again, possibly another warranty and/or servicing options. 

      Scalpers provide 0 benefit to the customer experience, and often provide a negative experience, worse shipping times, non transferable warranty, and buying off of ebay. 

      If you would like to explain to me why it is not scummy and how you're providing some benefit to the community, then please, enlighten me.

    4. TetraSky


      9 hours ago, aisle9 said:

      Scalping is not immoral or scummy or any other labels that have been attached to it.

      But it is though.

      Right now it's GPUs and other "luxury" electronics, but imagine this: What if we were in a time of famine and these people were buying all the food to resell it at 3x the price? 

      Actually, you don't even need to imagine it. It's just like how people were buying tons of toilet paper by the pallet load and other essentials with the intent of reselling it at the start of the pandemic, creating a shortage for weeks across North America. They were buying ESSENTIAL products for resell.

      And you're sitting here saying scalping is not immoral or scummy? You seems to be limiting your views to "luxury" items here instead of seeing the big picture of what scalping is/can be.

      Scalping is about EVERYTHING that can be bought for cheap and sold higher, when you know the demand is bigger than the supply, for a quick profit off desperate people. The usage of bots to buy everything in seconds, doesn't help their case (there's a reason why buying tickets to shows and what not, using bots, is illegal in most places)

      The gov had to intervene and make it illegal for people to resell essential items just to curb this crap (at least, in Canada, dunno about the US).

  3. Scalping? Fuck scalping. At the rate things are going, there won't be a new generation of components in five months. Also, obligatory "scalping does not exist stop bitching about resellers who are better at this than you" part
  4. I usually have the space bar centered on my thumbs, with the numpad off to the side. So basically just like you'd position a 60%, but with a numpad hanging off the side. If you don't want to give up your 60%, they do make USB and wireless numpads.
  5. Oh JFC, mixed rum is maybe half a step above fermented camel piss on the alcoholic beverage scale. If you end up wanting to try Scotch, I can help point you in the right direction to start. If alcohol just isn't your thing, that's cool, and I admire you for being mature enough to make that call at any age. Personally, I'd rank being alive a step or two above having a drink.
  6. I hate rum in general. If there's ever a need for me to stop drinking, replacing my cabinet's contents with rum would be an effective way to do it. FWIW, my "liquor cabinet"/cupboard shelf over the stove contains a half-finished bottle of Dahlwinnie Scotch, an unopened bottle of Maker's Mark and two bottles of a wonderful root beer flavored moonshine called Raymond Fairchild's White Lightning. I love that stuff. Love it. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it when I just want to drink a glass of cream soda and be hammered by the end.
  7. You're good. I was completely dependent on energy drinks for damn near everything in college. My favorite concoction was a 16 oz. beverage made of 8 oz. of Mountain Dew Code Red and 8 oz. of Red Bull. I called it a Code Red Bull and would go through 3-4 of them per day. Then one day my heart did something really weird. It beat once, then didn't, then beat twice in quick succession, then didn't. Apparently irregular heartbeats are bad for you. I swore way off but remained fairly addicted to them on and off. Now, if I have one at all, it's probably a V8 Energy once a week, at most
  8. Just develop a taste for the good stuff. Highlands Scotch is my poison of choice, and with that, you can't afford to get drunk more than once or twice a year. Of course, if you're drunk on Scotch, you have totally missed the point. And if I ever see someone cleaning a CPU with Lagavulin 16, I will kill them myself. Then take their Lagavulin and drink it.
  9. You've got plenty of headroom. Go for it.
  10. They'll just put it in the beat-up old i5-2400 HP Elites they buy in bulk for $40-50 each (tops), then sell the whole thing as a 4K gaming computer for $500.
  11. 1. There's no such thing as a "scalper" as it relates to GPUs. 2. People want to upgrade their GPUs, but there's no new stock. Lots of those people refuse to wait any longer; some actually do need it right. f*cking. now. That's driving prices up. You think it's nuts now? Wait until people get their next stimulus check. The number of $1,399 GPUs on eBay will be staggering.
  12. I've got a GTX 1070 paired with mine, and it's never felt unbalanced.
  13. Me: If AMD announces that R5 5600, I'm in for life.


    Also me: No 5600? Whelp, i5-10400 it is. Where do I return this motherboard to?

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    2. aisle9


      1. My R5 1600 is old and I don’t trust the motherboard


       2. Upgrade path on the i5 leads to 11700 or 11900 eventually


       3. because I don’t care about overclocking, that opens up cheaper B460 and H470 boards. 10400F and a decent H470 board could set me back a little as $220-240 after the Micro Center discount

    3. germgoatz


      but why 5600 instead of 5600x

    4. aisle9


      5600 = $220

      5600X = $tupid

  14. No, they were fairly common--ten years ago. They're so bulky, heavy, slicey and dicey that most of them have long since been reincarnated as Coke cans.
  15. Get a used Optiplex 390 or 790 Mini Tower motherboard. They can be had for as little as $15-20 in working condition on eBay, and they are LGA 1155. Grab an i7-2600 for $65-75, and you've got a 4C/8T CPU with a motherboard that can be installed into any case you want for under $100. If money's really tight, the i5-2500 is an option for under $30, but you're at 4 cores/4 threads there, and that's going to limit you. IMO, avoid AM3+. The CPUs might have 8 cores, but an AM3+ motherboard is going to cost you more, the CPUs are going to cost you more, and the FX-8300 won't be as fast as