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    BrownZeus got a reaction from BTGbullseye in Zen 3 announcement discussion   
    Your points, though valid, are 50% irrelveant. You're on a forum. We're here to discuss stuff that we as a collective are interested in. The other 50% on the dot, AMD's goal was to say "Look at me, I am the captain now"
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    BrownZeus reacted to Vals89 in Zen 3 announcement discussion   
    Ryzen 5000 will be supported on x570 and b550 boards with BIOS version AGESA and up. is already available for a lot of boards, and it will allow the boards to POST with Ryzen 5000. On November 5 a fully functional BIOS will be released for the Ryzen 5000. 
    So no need to return the board. If you want to upgrade to 5000 series, just update the BIOS (if version is available for yours), so it's 5000 series ready and slide in the new CPU when you get it
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    BrownZeus reacted to databreach in Software Tool or Windows function for finding all file of x-type   
    Ok, so did you index all of your drives and are they fast HDDs ?
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    BrownZeus reacted to databreach in Software Tool or Windows function for finding all file of x-type   
    If so, just search for it with explorer while selecting "this pc" using the filter *.(extension here). And wait. I know this won't be that helpful but is the only way I know. Sorry.
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    BrownZeus got a reaction from databreach in Software Tool or Windows function for finding all file of x-type   
    Something is better than nothing!
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    BrownZeus got a reaction from TheOcularMan in C++ String to Double Array   
    Helpful but not 100%. This is for single values. I need to convert a whole strong into an array.
    "{2.5, 3.5, 36.4} into a double array
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    BrownZeus got a reaction from TheOcularMan in C++ String to Double Array   
    Hey there!
    Learning C++ on the fly for a school assignment.
    I have to read data from a csv and crate objects with it. I have Java experience so I already have my class coded that has the fields from the csv file as fields for the objects.
    Now here's where I'm having just a tiny hiccup:
    The CSV file format is as such
    val1,val2,val3,{array of doubles},val4
    I have my code written already that reads the file line by line and reads the data successfully (tested via cout all the fields to the console.)
    Since the array of doubles get read in as string i need to convert that string into an array of doubles, how do I accomplish this?
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    BrownZeus reacted to Franck in Microservice Practice Project?   
    Depend how it works where he's at.
    Me for each day of work we get an average of 6 days of work extra added to the list. We are at least 1 year backlogged. We come back fresh every now and then when we deny everything older than 2 years LOL
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    BrownZeus reacted to Lord Mirdalan in Microservice Practice Project?   
    How about an app to track the backlog of projects? Tell you how many days behind the team is, etc.
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    BrownZeus reacted to Duckster in Microservice Practice Project?   
    Can't help, but congrats on the job!
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    BrownZeus got a reaction from Lord Mirdalan in Microservice Practice Project?   
    Its a dick move and I love it cause these folks were behind when I got here, they didn't even know I was coming lol
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    BrownZeus got a reaction from Lord Mirdalan in Is my laptop lcd cable loose or do I need a new screen?   
    If its a recent macbook, then your cable itself is probably screwed cause of the way apple designed it, Rossman mentions it often.
    If its not a recent macbook, just go ahead and crack open the backplate, make sure your cables are all connected well and aren't loose, lookout for anything that looks off-color. Turn it back on and if the problem persists, its an lcd issue and you like;y need to replace it
    Edit: If your screen is OLED then I think you might've screwed your panel entirely with overheating
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    BrownZeus reacted to vorticalbox in Dynamic Disabling Required fields   
    In your onclick also copy the data to the delivery form fields.
    Or on the back end check if the button is true and then copy the data then.
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    BrownZeus reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Dynamic Disabling Required fields   
    Check if the button is true, then copy the data into whatever data structure you're using for the delivery address data before submitting it to the server.
    Would advise to do this on the client side to avoid giving the server extra work.
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    BrownZeus reacted to leodaniel in Publishing PHP site that uses Composer   
    Just run
    cd /path/to/your/project composer install on the server
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    BrownZeus reacted to Makerimages in Publishing PHP site that uses Composer   
    You can go about doing this in two ways. I will first describe the recommended and easier way of doing this.
    Yes, install composer on whatever server you are using. This assumes, that you have command-line access to it, though. If you do not, see if something like DigitalOcean (https://m.do.co/c/4b863d3c9aae) could be useful and/or understandable to you. Once you have command-line access and have managed to install Composer, do as leodaniel said. Navigate from the cli to your project directory, and run  composer install  
    If you do not have command-line access to install composer, you can, as the worst case scenario, just upload your entire project directory via something like ftp. Be aware, that the vendor directory, where composer puts all your dependencies, can be as large as 70 000 files. Only do this if everything else fails.
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    BrownZeus got a reaction from germgoatz in How to avoid static when building pc?   
    Build naked
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    BrownZeus got a reaction from Speed Weed in How to avoid static when building pc?   
    Build naked
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    BrownZeus got a reaction from Fasauceome in How to avoid static when building pc?   
    Build naked
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    BrownZeus got a reaction from Brad275 in How to avoid static when building pc?   
    Build naked
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    BrownZeus got a reaction from genexis_x in t480 (non-S) VS X1 Carbon   
    Hey all so I just went ahead and bit on the T480. Thank you for your inputs, and I have 90 days to return this and swap it for something else, so I'd definitely let you all know how this goes.
    I wound up paying $1300 for i7, 8GB Ram, 256gb SSD + SquareTrade protection + tax at Costco.
    I'm planning on upgrading my W10 Home that comes from the factory with a W10 Pro key that came with one of my aforementioned used thinkpads that I never used, cause Bitlocker is a feature that I like/want.
    Jrasero, my expectations are listed in one of my replies above, but to summarize, durability, longevity, repairability are expected of the device itself, and for use expectations, long hours, potentially away from a power source, so I'd rather be able to swap a battery in rather than use a 65w USB-C PD portable battery on the go. I'd be doing different things in the realm of software development/engineering so the machine would be hosting several localhost servers, as well running a few VMs, and as I stated previously I know there are more affordable machines with an i7 and 8 gigs of ram that can accomplish these things  and everything else I will be doing, but again, I've been swearing by Thinkpads since I was in highschool. I'll happily pay for the added quality. Also I'm a clumsy so the +n amount of falls the T480 can take over the X1 is a benefit for me lol. I expect to keep this until it absolutely can't perform its expected functions anymore. So a good while. So i do see myself upgrading and tweaking whatever I can.
    I'll have the machine today, it is currently waiting for me at pickup. 
    Again thank you all for the input
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    BrownZeus reacted to zhubaohi in t480 (non-S) VS X1 Carbon   
    You can't go wrong with either of these.
    X1 carbon does have soldered ram, but it doesn't mean the longevity is better. It means, and only means you cannot upgrade the ram in the future. RAM doesn't really become defective alone, so having non-soldered RAM doesn't really mean the longevity of the machine will be better.
    T480 has better upgradability, means that you are able to buy the lowest spec machine and upgrade it yourself. It also comes with a mx150, which allow you to play some games.
    X1 carbon has a better screen, better portability (it is a really thin device), and a full-speed thunderbolt 3 port means that you can hop a eGPU for desktop performance.
    In conclusion, T480= cheaper, heavier with more RAM and storage. X1carbon=thinner, better screen with eGPU capability. Me personally loves eGPU(plus the price of eGPU is much lower than before), so I bought the x1carbon. Being able to use an eGPU also means the machine will lasts longer, since the 4 real core CPU is not likely gonna be outdated in the near future.
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    BrownZeus reacted to genexis_x in t480 (non-S) VS X1 Carbon   
    Sorry but you didn't answer my question:
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    BrownZeus reacted to zhubaohi in t480 (non-S) VS X1 Carbon   
    eGPU is not for everyone, I get it. I'm traveling between 2 countries so eGPU is a good solution for me. I do own a desktop PC, but whenever I'm on the go, I grab the GPU on my desktop and bring that with me.
    Still, T480 and X1carbon are all decent machines. If you want more RAM, go for T480. If not, go for X1carbon.
    T480s is also a decent option tho, with ram upgradability and decent portability. Could be the solution if you cannot decide which on to buy.
    I'm curious tho, why aren't you posting a week earlier? Right now the black friday deal is already off.
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    BrownZeus reacted to KuJoe in t480 (non-S) VS X1 Carbon   
    I own and love my X1 Carbon (I think it's the 2016 model). It's overkill for my needs but the mobility is a so nice compared to my old 10" netbooks that I also loved, but were heavy and didn't have any performance to them. Now after telling you how much I enjoy my X1... I strongly suggest you go with the T480 for your needs. The X1 is nice as an Ultrabook, it can do more but it's one of those "set it and forget it" devices, you can swap out the M.2 drive I think but that's about it. In terms of IO it's enough, but you'll probably want more if you're using it for work a lot. I would tell you to get the X1 if the other option wasn't a Lenovo because the keyboards and trackpads are magnificent... but I've been told this is the same across all Lenovo devices so there's no real benefit going with the X1 if weight/size aren't a concern.