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    Khoomn got a reaction from j1philli in Losing Control of Corsair Commander Pro   
    Nevermind, I fixed it. If anyone somehow comes upon this thread looking for the answer. I just went into iCue -> Settings -> Select the Commander Pro -> Update -> If it says you have the latest version, just force update to latest version anyway -> Restart Program. It should then display voltage and the performance section
    Alright nevermind again, its a temporary fix, it removed my performance section again. I need a complete fix.
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    Khoomn got a reaction from SHiFT in Ubuntu program auto restart [SH?]   
    Thank you! I will try this and get back to you if it works.
    Yeah, thats what I intend on doing it with.
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    Khoomn got a reaction from Slayerking92 in Double VPNing isn't working   
    So I'm trying to double vpn rn with 2 different vpn clients and for some reason the ip i want to display isnt displaying. I want the order to go Mullvad -> OpenVPN/SoftEther
    My problem is, I connect to mullvad then connect to openvpn/softether and it connects fine but the ip it displays is mullvad instead of openvpn/softether
    I can do softether first then openvpn but my problem is, my softether vpn is a logging vpn to another logging vpn, I want it to be a no logging to a logging
    Is there a way to change the order of my network connections so that it will always show the last one i connect to as my ip instead of the first one i connect to
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    Khoomn got a reaction from Alex Ushigome in Recived this bad boy in the mail today. Now what to do with it🤔   
    slap that on your gpu
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    Khoomn got a reaction from kirashi in Any way to change static ip   
    I recently got into a big mixup with discord false banning my alt which then proceed to ban my ip. Was wondering since I have comcast xfinity, if there is any way to change my public static ip so im no longer ip banned from discord. thanks
    Alright update, discord won't unban me so I need to know how to change it. I can't edit my mac address for some reason with Comcast default router and modem.
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    Khoomn got a reaction from Beef Boss in How do companies like namecheap sell domains   
    Like what is allowing them to own every domain or sell access to that domain. what is stopping me from just gaining it myself for free somehow. I'm just confused how godaddy and namecheap can sell the same domain at different prices and still give people access to it.
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    Khoomn got a reaction from PineyCreek in tips on how to cool down gpu?   
    at what point should I have to worry with the temps? Maybe im thinking 80 is bad for the cpu, not gpu
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    Khoomn got a reaction from Cyberspirit in SSD not showing up after installation?   
    Ok I got it to work now, thank you all for helping.
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    Khoomn got a reaction from LienusLateTips in Noob builder   
    If you are going to get a 1060 or 1070 go with a i5, an i3 might bottleneck it.
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    Khoomn got a reaction from LienusLateTips in *NEED HELP FAST* 20 pin connector problem   
    See what im thinkin is that there is nothing wrong, it just takes a lot of force to push it in, it goes in this far without ANY preasure