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  1. I thought i posted the full fix but apparently i didnt, this was around the time that vanguard broke all pc monitoring tools. Vanguard for valorant broke this tab for me and i just uninstalled it. Im pretty sure thats what the problem was, dont fully remember but i havent had the problem since
  2. So I got the xbox game pass for PC last night and started played forza horizon 4 and was finally able to play online but when I pressed play online it just loaded infinitely. I found out that you are able to test the connectivity through settings -> gaming -> xbox network. Currently my Xbox Live Multiplayer is NAT Type - Teredo is unable to qualify Server connectivity - Blocked I have tried everything under the sun to get this working. The closest ive gotten was NAT type strict but server connectivity was still blocked. I opened one of my Windows VMs and did the same
  3. Hey im opening this back up because I need almost the same thing with a different parameter. I need it to restart every X amount of minutes, doesnt matter if its active or not, just close the program and open it back up. I feel it should be as simple as the last but just need to know. Thanks
  4. My current one from my ISP is a modem + router, I'm pretty sure.
  5. Hey, was wondering if there are any good routers to get that support OpenVPN configs to be put into them. Trying to also convince my parents to get it instead of paying $14 a month for renting a router from our ISP. I need it to also have good coverage as the router will be in the basement, be able to change the MAC Address on it so I can change my IP at will, and not be too expensive, since I'm trying to convince them to get this. Thanks
  6. So ontop of the fact that the program surprisingly still works lol, i did that and it just says 0 then stops.
  7. so it runs, but it doesnt restart it. this is what my sh file looks like. I feel like something is wrong as its not telling the program to restart #!/bin/sh until java -jar Discordbot.jar; do echo "Bash: CrashApp crashed, restarting..."; sleep 1 done
  8. Thank you! I will try this and get back to you if it works. Yeah, thats what I intend on doing it with.
  9. Hey all, didn't realize there were so many comments, it can honestly be any kind of script, preferably it be python bc i can actually understand that, so the program I'm running is a simple .jar file, All i need it to do is if it dies or stops itself, have it re run the program so it is in an infinite loop of starting up when dying until i stop it manually. I was told to use "watch" in ubuntu but it never worked for me.
  10. So I have a windows RDP that has a batch file that auto restarts a jar file every 30 minutes. I want to do that with ubuntu but instead of every 30 minutes, I want it to restart on fail. The fail being that it loses connection to the site it is connecting to so it stops the program. I don't know if it should be in a .sh file or if there is some app to do it for me but I just want to know if it is possible. My friend told me to use the "watch" command in ubuntu but it never worked out. So i now need an sh file that will restart a program every 30 minutes for ubuntu
  11. So I have my VPN setup on softether vpn and for some reason im limited at 300Kbps, I have tried every other vpn to test speed and its normal. I even setup openvpn on the exact same vpn on a different port and im getting normal speeds. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas on why softether vpn would possibly be slowing my connection down, i dont think it would have anything to do with port but it might? I tried reinstalling the network devices and still the same
  12. This is still happening, happened 4 times total already
  13. They would see the encrypted data go into the vps which also has an ip linked to that request. And you just said in the message above that all data that goes out would be encrypted and now you say they can see the web request go out
  14. Yeah thats what im thinking about with the VPN hopping that I talked baout but I'm pretty sure once the request is made, its not encrypted to the company who is hosting even though my encryption is on AES256-SHA256 If anyone else here can confirm to me that if using a VPS as a VPN with OpenVPN or SoftEther VPN does encrypt all traffic out of the machine to websites then that would be great