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  1. Alex, I am not sure I'd consider my CPU(i7-5930k 6 core 12 thread @ 4.4Ghz) weak, old but not weak lol. It should be more than capable of handling 10 Gbit traffic. The Linux test was to verify that it was not a hardware issue, and that it seems to be an issue with Windows interfacing with the X520-T2. I agree on jumbo frames but that was just a testing measure to see if I could get anything over gigabit speeds in Windows. I appreciate you jumping in here, anything else you can think of that I might try? Cheers, -David
  2. Thanks my man, I'll try that. hopefully someone else on here might pop in.
  3. Thanks Dog Knight, I have tried the card in several slots and it "works" at Gigabit speed in Windows, I have booted Linux and it works fine so i know its not a hardware/motherboard/pcie lane issue.
  4. Is there any way to boost a post to get it in front of more people?
  5. Thanks DogKnight, I've enabled Jumbo Packets(Frames) and am running a 5930k with a RTX2070(16x) a single M.2(4x) the X520-T2(4x) and a 3.1 2 port USB card(4x) by my count that puts me at 28/40 lanes. Unless I'm doing something wrong I cannot figure this one out. I am pretty bummed I've been saving for this for a while, bought a US-16-XG and a USFXG to get 10Gb to my server room and my office. Hopefully I can find someone with a fix. I'm out of things I know to try.
  6. Alex, Sorry for the delayed response I had a busy day with work and school and just got an opportunity to run the test you suggested. I flashed a USB with Ubuntu and booted to it. Ubuntu recognized it as 10 Gb and when writing to a local SSD I was able to get 450 MB/s from my Synology server. So obviously not ha hardware issue, I also checked my switch and it showed the connection as 10Gb. I then rebooted to windows and have the same behavior, did notice though that the switch still shows it as 10Gb even though windows shows 1Gb and performance is limited to 1 GB. Any other suggestions?
  7. I bought 2 Intel X520-T2 10GBit cards to connect to my Ubiquiti 10Gb network switch, I can only get it to run at 1Gb. Device manager says its working properly, but task manager says it is paused. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled, i have downloaded drivers form intel 26.4 Not sure where to go from here, please help.
  8. Site A is Main Office Site B is Satellite Office Both sites running latest version of PFSense. IPsec Site to site bridge in place. Customer has white listed external IP of Site A for access to supported equipment. I would like to route all traffic bound for Customer.Domain.Com from Site B through tunnel and out to customer from Site A. If i called the Customer they would just add Site B's ip address to their white list, but I would like to learn correct way to selectively route traffic like this. Is this a new Phase 2 for the VPN? A firewall rule? etc. Any hel
  9. Hello, I am having trouble getting my system to recognize and boot from my m.2 drive after updating to the latest BIOS from Asus. System was functional and built 2 years ago (wish I had waited for the ryzen processors). I am running as a plex server and my daily driver. System as follows Asus X99-Deluxe/U3.1 Latest BIOS (3902)(3701) Intel I7-5930K @3.5 GHz 64 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 @ 2400 Samsung 950 Pro M.2 2280 256 GB PCIe 1 Samsung 950 Pro NVMe PCIe SSD (Boot) 1 Asus GTX 960 3 WD 10 TB Reds 1 Intel 535 480 GB 1 Mushkin 1
  10. Thanks for the tip, however, I enable SMB 3.0 to try and fix the problem. I have also started a case with Synology, however,I also wanted to pursue a Windows solution as this is in an office environment and impacts productivity. Any other tips?
  11. StanFabInd


    I have a Synology DS 1513+ running 4 teamed LAG 802.1ax to a Netgear G724ts-3 network switch and a number of Windows 10 clients mounting it. since I upgraded to windows 10 i have been have huge issues with mounting and delays opening directories. it always mounts the mapped drives and always opens directories, but here are sometime up to 30 second delays from attempting to open a directory and it actually doing so. Has anyone else experienced this? Any proposed solutions? All Windows machines are kept current on updates and the Synology box is running the latest DSM with SMB 3.0 enabled
  12. I'm looking to build a new machine on the Asus X99-E WS, the intent of this machine will be to transcode, render and stream HD content to multiple devices, both LAN and WAN. I'd like to be able to do some light gaming(Starcraft II, Warcraft III, Diablo II, and maybe some newer titles) the server needs to be capable of running 24/7 and serving media (transcoding Plex) concurrently to any gaming activity I'm doing. Should I go with an i7 or Xeon, as far as I can tell the principal benefits to the Xeon would obviously the extra 2 cores and ECC support. I'm trying to better understand the choice m