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  1. Most traders don't go to college as they don't teach as much about it. Most brokers I've talked to don't know anything about options as it's risky and they only deal with actual stocks. They also don't use super computers, the most "advanced" computer someone may use is a Bloomberg terminal which just gives real time stock quotes and has software that displays graphs. I do most of my trading on my phone which is hardly a super computer.
  2. Glad to see another autist among the ranks of LTT. Investing is really easy to do just buy something and let it sit. If you want to make decent money with much more risk start looking at options. It's not uncommon to make 100% and upwards on a single trade but it's also easy to lose 100% on a single trade. It's much like gambling but not rigged and you can use math/patterns to make winning plays.
  3. I enjoyed Dishonored 1 and plan on getting the other two during the next steam sale. It gives you the option of doing some exploring if you choose to get better power ups, but you find the upgrades normally through the missions. I found Undertale refreshing (just stay away from the fandom, that was the main reason it took me so long to play).
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed The Talos Principle, it's a puzzle game that makes you think about the challenges and the story. I thought the puzzles were fun/hard enough but not too overwhelming and the story was spot on for me. Best way for me to describe it is Portal 1 & 2, but serious and it makes you question everything.
  5. If they will be doing any graphic development they will need a bit beefier of a computer. Normal programming doesn't require anything special. 8gb of ram, ssd, and your good to go, programming doesn't need much.
  6. If your going to be programming just get a cheap prebuilt somewhere. Programming can be done on anything, $500 should be your max if all you want to do is program.
  7. I didn't realize it was IOS exclusive. Had an iphone 4 and ipod touch for awhile then I switched to android systems. Never bothered looking into them as I didn't want to pay again.
  8. This isn't the first time Epic Games has done something like this. They also released most (if not all) of the Infinity Blade assets. For those of you who have never heard of it, the Infinity Blade trilogy was for mobile and it was a medieval rpg sort of game. It was actually pretty fun so you could check it out. Last I knew they cost some money but it's a good mobile game.
  9. Woah woah woah, wait a second. MW1 was a good game but in my opinion MW2 blew it out of the water. The killstreaks felt great, the maps were amazing, and the guns felt and sound great. I hated BO1 (I know minority opinion here) but liked BO2 (still didn't compare to MW2). I hated Ghosts and Advanced warfare and haven't played any of the newer titles. Personally I'm hoping for a MW2 remaster next year for the 10 year anniversary. I normally don't go for preorder but if I saw MW2 up there I may have to.
  10. Humble Monthly deal for January will gift you Civ 6 along with two scenario packs (Australian and Viking) and access to play as the Australian civilization. Not a bad deal for just $12 along with the other mystery games you get with the package. https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly
  11. Unfortunately that did not work either. It couldn't connect to the server.
  12. I tried Alto but couldn't get it to work. I will try contacting apple support to get the password though.
  13. There is a mail app on Android however the iCloud email has issues when trying to put it on. I have tried 4 different apps to put the email on and none have worked.
  14. So I recently switched from a iPhone 4 to a galaxy S8 and I'm trying to get my iCloud email onto my S8. I don't care about contacts or anything like that just my email. The only thing I have found to transfer it is to enable two factor authentication which requires ios 9 or above. My old iPhone 4 however can only go up to ios 7 so I can't enable it. I've tried to enable two step authentication but it doesn't seem to help me log into my iCloud email on my S8. Any help would be appreciated on this.