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  1. Heres a little test thing I made for LMG's new channel, ShortCircuit! The idea was to have something that transitions seamlessly with the video Let me know what you think
  2. I know right, it seems as if it was only yesterday we were complaining about the lack of a fire pole at the "new" Office ?
  3. Oh man I don’t know what’s the best thing about this video. The fact Luke is still called Slick, the closet joke (the dawn of the fanfics?!), or that « Game Over » shirt ?
  4. 10 YEARS OF LINUS TECH TIPS!! Congrats again to the team on the milestone What was the first LTT video you ever watched? Or did you board the Linus-Train with NCIX Tech Tips? And why did you watch it? My first LTT video was not that long ago, it’s the review of the Corsair Graphite 230t I was shopping for a new rig at the tim, I searched for reviews of this case and the video was the first result on YouTube. I ended up buying the case, and while 90% or the components changed, my current rig is still in it.
  5. The Surface Laptop and Razer Blade come to mind. I've got the latter and it's very close to my previous laptop which was a mid-2010 MacBook Pro. That being said, how good a keyboard feels is pretty subjective. Some people love the new Mac butterfly keyboards, but to me it just feels like tapping on plywood. Microsoft Stores (physical locations) sell other laptops besides their own, I'd suggest you actually try a few different brands/models.
  6. You may consider Avid's Pro Tools, especially if you're on macOS
  7. Do NOT get a Razer Blade. The Quality Control is awful, you will get into countless issues, and their support is downright terrible. I've had to RMA my Blade twice for the same issue, that they still haven't managed to fix it. Currently waiting for a refund. They, admitedely, look nice, but if you want a Windows laptop that is reliable, then it's no go
  8. To be fair, I own a Blade late-2016 and I found the Quality Control to be pretty terrible... my unit came with coil whine (that exists also on the XPS 15, mind you), a weird issue where sound crackles when transfering files over Wi-Fi, and stuck pixels. I RMAd my Blade, Razer Europe support is pretty terrible... I add to send my laptop away in Germany where it stayed there 2 weeks while I was stuck without a working computer. It came back with only the display changed, so all the other issues remained, plus they botched the reassembly and now the screen assembly is slightly misaligned wit
  9. True! But if he's only going to work on the Windows VM or Bootcamp, then it's questionnable to actually have a Mac in the first place In the end, if your workflow can adapt to both OSs, it all comes down to a matter of personnal preference. Personally, I loved my Macbook for many years, but my lifestyle evolved and I prefered to go for a more powerful laptop that was on Windows so I could game while I was on the go. If you already know that macOS would be a good fit for you, if your workflow fits and if you're ok about the price tag go for it. Same goes for the Blade.
  10. Oh I know, but it's far more convenient to have it in a VM, especially if you're coding, which is not very intensive work. Plus VMware has this cool thing where the Windows can "blend in" with the macOS environment. Well I can't tell if that's compatible with macOS Honestly, if you're already used to a Windows work environment and softwares, I wouldn't bother changing OS. What do you think of the new Blade Stealth? It's now available in a "gunmetal" finish, with a much sober razer logo (that doesn't light up) and non-rgb keyboard (boo not fun). https://www.raz
  11. Careful there, Notebook =/= Netbook. It all comes down to what OS you need/want. What kind of programming do you do? Chances are, it's cross platform. Unless you're coding in Visual Studio, duh! But then there is VMware. Macbooks tend to be pricier than anything else when you compare "apples to apples" (aha, get it, apples) A Blade Stealth could be a good option for you if you really need to code for Windows platform and still want a good looking computer. The touch screen is also pretty nice.
  12. Ah crap, saw this when I already removed the "dead" ones to replace them with the Imgur ones haha. Sorry guys, but it should work now
  13. Ah? I can see them fine... I'll just post them on Imgur gallery and edit the post, hold on
  14. Hello Everyone! I cleaned my phone from old photos and found some of the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy case I've made a while back (Got the idea from Luke's bomb case, duh!). Here are the specs of the system : - Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H81N-D2H - CPU: Intel Pentium G3240 (3.1 GHz) - RAM : 4 GB of G.Skill NS Series DDR3 1600 MHz CL11 - PSU: be quiet! SFX Power 2 400W - Storage: 120GB SanDisk SSD Plus Sure it's really far from being powerful but fine to play some 1080p movies, watch YouTube & stream games on steam ! Do tell me wha