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  1. There are many reasons to dislike 5G. 1) it requires much much more hardware like antenas. 2) it enables so high data flows that baiscly all your life and every move can be tracked. 3 ) some people might like idea about smart home and smart up everything and online everything, but future where you do not even remember what is in your fridge and have to use some app to check seems so dull for zombie society 4) health issues is reasonalbe discussion. Especially if you live, work very close to powerfull antenas. Most of these have lots of redundancy built in with a lot of bac
  2. I dont get what is issue of bashing iBuypower. My dad, mom and almost any other relative would never even try opening pc. I am just saying almost everyone I know except couple people would try fixing or pluging wires for their own pc. Same with phones almost no1 knows what is 64 gb of storage and so on...
  3. https://www.filegear.com Your personal cloud device. I found that this device seema cool. You can stream music, and share all your files with friends and storage is not an issue. At least they claim it to be great.
  4. Honestly, Nexus 6p has been one of worst phones I have ever owned and experience been just terrible. Every update has made the battery to drain faster and faster and have early shutdowns at the start after 6-8 months of owning phone it was 15%. But now it has been slightly over 2 years and its last month my phone has rapidly declined with early shutdowns going from 50% to 90% and the phone could live on the wire only. I sent my phone to a workshop to replace the battery and also flashed stock Marshmallow, but nothing helped and my phone still has insane battery drain. So I would
  5. But all I said is... That it is ok to make to of line product expensive if you go for best you can aford it. Same like driving premium BMW instead of cheap car. I am still oposed to price rise on budget serries cards.
  6. I do not get these tech YouTubers and everyone bashing Nvidia. The top of the line card with the best performance and new features cost the same as the new iPhone. And to be honest everyone including their mom in western countries have either iPhone or top of the line Android. What people should be concerned about is 50s 60s and 70s series, because they use to have good separation in value and performance. I look at all the price of 2070 500$ expected... Where this puts the price and future for 2050 and 2060 cards??? One of the reasons I picked Nvidia in past over AMD was less heat, less power
  7. Just buy a 1080Ti it is awesome deal atm and you can get almost 2 for the same price as 2080Ti. Unless you want the very best and have a huge wallet than nothing better than 1080Ti atm. As for the date, there is a lot of news about supply delays, but does it matter 1 extra month?
  8. There are many reasons to get more psu W. Main one is related to cooling. If psu load is less than 50% many of modern ones wont use fan. Also with age psu ability to hold W decreases slightly. I always recomend people not to save on 2 components: memory and psu. So 400W is enough but for safer and more silent preformance and longer lasting psu 500-550W is better choise.
  9. I have 250 gb samsung evo 850 and was thinking if adding 500 gb of 850 evo is best option. Or there are other good reliable and cheap memory.
  10. Europe here and 1060 6gb is at 290 euros from like 235-245 euro when it launched in my country Price is similar to rx 580
  11. So to make it simple I have old pc with gigabyte gtx 550 ti and new monitor with hdmi and dp connectors. So and dvi specification says it should be able to do 1440p in 60 hz? Will this work? What kind of cable I need HDMI to DVI?
  12. Guys is there cheap z370 motherboard for i5 8400. I know buying this not best but I need great value pc for someone who does not need graphics card and ryzen has no gpu so it is out of option. Anyways would be great if you could link some asus or gigabyte motherboars which are very basic.
  13. For years apple great chips have barely been able to work with 720p screens and have poor battery.... While android has been going for over 3 years with 1440p displays and decent battery... It is not all about raw power....