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  1. Since being a goldsmith has not so much to do with making a computer, I have been busy making a piece of jewellery I could wear at the computex ;) . A silver keyboard ring with my initials on it. If you would like to see how I work as a goldsmith....again.... just scroll down ;) ! I made a wax ‘Ideal’ keyboard key and casted in brass. Then I made a rubber mould and made more wax keys. These keys were casted in silver, so you can mass produce silver keys ;) ! Here you can see the casts. This is what I want to engrave. First finish the keys.
  2. After this I went on with the polycarbonate plates. I wanted these to sink into the frame nicely so I had to cut away the edges. which meant..... One big mess ;) ! I cut away on every side of the plates 1mm of material so the frame (which is 1mm thick) will fit exactly. Here you can see that I’m cutting the poly carbonate plates. I fixed them so I can easily cut away a straight line. you won’t see the suface when the plate is fit into the frame. I gave both of the plates the same frosted texture. The light of the LED’s will spread nice and even
  3. Hi everybody! My name is Femke Agnes Toele, in short F.A.T. I’m a goldsmith and silversmith by profession and I have a small workshop at home where I can work. I have a lot of tools at home, and make a lot of things, not only jewellery. I have always been interested in electronics but never really got the chance to master this. So when a friend of mine saw the ECS Casemod Contest on the internet, he said that this could be the chance for me to work with both electronics and a nice design. I thought; ‘ I’ll give it a try, (not knowing that It would turn out really well : ) ! I we