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  1. Thank you very much! I'm really glad you like the build !! I've send FLUX to Intel UK so they can showcase the 5 designs that were made for the contest (and they will return them to us afterwards). So maybe the have already started a production line haha! When I start massproducing I will let you know !
  2. So this is the final Update on this small build called FLUX ! I'm really pleased with the outcome, it has been a very experimental project with a lot of new techniques. Hope you liked to read (or just check pictures) it! The build is still featured in Bit-Tech's Intel NUC competition and voting is possible until the 30th of june (still 5 days left!! exciting!!) Check out the competition in this link below, there is some pretty awesome stuff there ! http://www.bit-tech.net/modding/2015/06/08/intel-nuc-case-design-competition-finished/1 So just to compare the renders of the design with
  3. Andddd.... the last update before the final pictures...! Tiny bird, Tiny computer I made some copper letters and goldplated them so they give a nice finishing touch to the pie, like icing on a cake ! The small screws are now also gold-plated and mounted to the top of the alumimium cover (like a cherry on the icing of the pie ?! :hehe: )
  4. So this time everything is almost done, all the parts are there. They just need te be finished and fit together. The fitting together is the most tedious part.... I refined the top aluminium frame, gave it a texture and spray painted it afterwards! The water-cooling assembly plate. The copper cooling block is made using a de-soldered part from the original cooler added with new copper fins. Everything is soldered with REAL silver solder, not the terribly conducting tin solder that all mass produced coolers use. Only Silver conducts more heat then copper so thi
  5. So, this is almost the most important part of FLUX. Making the top cover plate look very awesome . It was quite tricky because I had already bended some plexiglas with heat but never a shape like this. To make it a bit more nerve wrecking was that this was the only piece left of the plexiglas plate big enough for this shape. You don't want to burn the plexiglas because than you will get all these bubbles. I made a nice construction ( n a steel IKEA Bowl) and put it into the oven. I used a low heat and kept on turning it up after I tried to bend the material. At first I was a bit to careful
  6. So in this video below you can see the progress of the case as it is forged into shape. I also added some pictures of the different stages of the case. To forge the case into its form I use a steel tool to press the plate against the mould. To keep the material smooth and nice to work with on the lathe I use some soap. It makes the steel tool glide over the aluminium. After shaping the case I used some sandpaper to get a finer matt finish. Also I got rid of the extra material by using a trimming tool. Below some more pictures of
  7. Here you have the the mounting plate for the NUC inside the case. The mounting plate will be build up out of several plates on top of each other. Otherwise the 3D printer will be busy for days ! Also, maybe I will have have to adjust some component inside the case, so that I can make some changes in the plates later on . This 3D Printer is called ‘The Builder’ . The fillament is a funky green PLA which will be painted afterwards. Here you can see the drawing which was made in Solidworks and then imported in the builders software, ‘Cura’. You can see it takes quite some time to build up the
  8. Thanks ! Well I don't know about adding this one to the featured builds, there are some seriously beautiful builds there!! Great that you like the log and the outcome ! Thanks! And Maki Role is indeed one of the other contestants ! You are too kind !!! But we don't know what will happen yet, the voting is still on till the end of the month. So we will see
  9. Thanks for your comments! Indeed the I/O panel is on the back of the cage. Thanks for adding that picture Minibois! Later in the buildlog I will show you more ! So here is the first update on the buildlog of FLUX I thought it would be a nice idea to add a few videos to the buildlog along the way. Hope you like it, and otherwise….there are enough pictures ! Here are a few pictures of the package I received! I have taken apart the NUC just to check what is under the hood ! I was surprised to see that the aluminium frame was made with a lot of
  10. Hi! This is the project I've been working on lately, thats why there is no progress on '7L' I made this design for the Bit-tech Intel NUC competition. This design has been chosen together with 4 other contestants by Intel and Bit-Tech to be made real ! The other 4 designs are also worth looking at, interesting to see what kind of techniques they use You can find the article here And of course you can vote till 30 June for you favorite design! I will post the buildlog this upcoming week so you can check out the techniques I used to make FLUX . First, to start off! Here are the r
  11. Great ! Thanks for the comments! This time a very short update! December is always a crazy busy month so the progress on 7L is a little slower! I have a few pictures of the Motherboard and graphicscard fit inside the build. Hope you like it and maybe it gives a better view on the placement of all the hardware ! Here can see how the motherboard fits inside the case. The graphicscard fits really nice and the back of it will be completely covered with a custom made backplate ! The back of the case. Ok, so that was it for today ! As I said earlier,
  12. Great! If you need any advice feel free to ask ! Thanks, the next update I will show you how the GPU and Motherboard are placed inside the frame! Hope you like it! Anndddd another update... This time the case feet. Ofcourse I used the transparant plexi again so when you install a red LED the whole thing will illuminate! Cut with the laser: black plexi, transparent plexi and black foam. First sandpaper everything, and than creating a matt surface with a scotch brite pad. Than...creating a hamburger ! In the bottom of the case I made 4 holes where I can inst
  13. Update number 3 ! The GPU fits excactly inside the case! This is the Sugo 11L and the GPU just doesn’t fit. The plexiglass parts have all been made to fit the case perfectly! There will be black plexiglass on the inside of the case to cover up all the seams. And to give a nice change in finish (matt paint and shiny plexi). In the Plexiglass plates I drilled holes for ventilation. I made all of the corners of the plexi fit to the frame. Not very precisely but In the end you will not see the edges! And ofcourse a picture with my
  14. For the vents I used mesh sheet metal. I cut out the shapes I wanted en then soldered them inside de case. I used tin/silver solder for the entire case with a torch because then you get invisible seams. Much easier then drilling all the holes yourself This is the type of Mesh sheet metal I used!
  15. Thanks for the comments! The colour scheme for this build will be: Mysterious Black, Dangerous Red and Glorious Gold… Or.. just Black, red and gold 8-) The case will be matt black and on the inside there will be a lot of plexiglass ellements below you can see a few tests with a LED and transparent red acryllics. pieces cut out with a lasercutter: Always fun to take off the protection foil! Unfortunately the Red plexiglass is not suitable for transmitting the light. Even when I sand the surface it just doesn’t want to glow. So in the end I decided to use transparent plex
  16. Hi ! Time for a new Scratch Build! (Last one I did was Little Scratch: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/26897-first-scratch-build-ecs-modmen-contest/ ) This new build is also going to be a “Little” Build, with this time enough room for a real GPU! But still a super compact gaming PC! The main goal is to make a 7 liter case. To give you an idea of how small that actually is: In this case there has to be room for; mini-ITX MoBo, 5x 2,5 inch harddiscs, SFX powersupply and a big graphics card like the GTX 980! Ofcourse everything has to be cooled quietly !
  17. Working on it ;) ! Keep an eye on my FAT page on FB!
  18. Haha, I have to admit it was a worry I had in the beginning. But... After stress testing the highest temperature measured was 49 degrees, Which is very respectable for an Ivy Bridge CPU. It has been running stable for the whole week at computex with tropical temperatures ;)
  19. Under stress-testing the max. temperature measured was 49 degree celcius. So he'll live ;) ! He even survived the tropical temperatures of Taiwan!
  20. Haha Thanx :) ! I'm working on a next version; 'Little Scratch 2' ill let you know when its done haha ;) Cool :D ! I got in the top 5 and I won the 'Viewers Choice' Award. I'm planning on doing a water-cooled pc, that would be really cool B). After my next project !
  21. Thanx! and Yes, There will be more builds ;) ! I met Slick at the Computex, and being quite new to this 'scene', he pointed me to the LTT Forum. On this forum there are some pretty cool builds I haven't seen before!!