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  1. Well, there are two providers with 2600 MHz license here. One has 90MHz and another one has 100MHz, so speed is insane even on mid-band. I saw someone got 1.4 Gbps before.
  2. Yea, I guess there are a lot of connection going on during bittorrent session. Besides that, there's no actual downside if people gonna use it for netflix all day. They even sell 80GB prepaid plan for $3 a month and you can also get 10 Mbps no data cap plan for $4 a month, so I'd guess they have no trouble handle all those data. All they put in ToS was no torrent and no excessive use. So, I'd guess it's safe then...
  3. They just ban Bittorrent here. The ISP even sell the 5G Home router themselves lmao...
  4. It wasn't, just regular n41 2500 MHz 5G. Probably good enough for day-to-day non critical use, I think.
  5. Just walking in downtown Bangkok, Thailand. Pull the phone up and run speedtest and got this... Since unlimited data unlimited speed plan start at $30 a month here, probably cancel my fiber soon...
  6. So, I got a sale on Shutterstock last month. Was wondering who it was, but turns out it was Linus! Thank you! Please come again
  7. The freesync message didn't load for me. I would suggest Vega 64 too.
  8. I would say go for a used GTX 1070 or GTX 1080.
  9. My friend uploaded a 100 GB of 5 minutes 360 degree video because he didn't know how to compress it properly. Like WTF.
  10. So, some of you may know that YouTube allow you to download all of your videos at the source format via Google Takeout (at https://takeout.google.com/). Well, that won't happen anymore. After this october, only videos that uploaded within 6 mouth before the day you request the archive will be serve at source format. Anything older than that will be compressed using H.264 and AAC. Google claims that this will be a "high quality" version. So, it might be a good idea to request your archive now because YouTube really sucks at maintain good video quality, and you should keep your original encoding
  11. idk if there's as datacenter in Bangkok, Thailand. My twitch stream needs to go through Singapore datacenter
  12. youtube.com/kensoftthgaming It's in Thai Language btw