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  1. So I have 2 Seagate Firecuda 2.5mm drives. One 2TB the other just 1TB, finally got the custom power cable (included I cables not long enough) I needed so I could add the 1TB to my build. So I decided to make a spanned volume out of the two drives so it would just show as one drive. and it was working fine, but lately its been running super slow. Like around 1MBs either way slow with 100% activity. the only things on the drive are games and things where fine for months but now there is a noticeable lag or hitch in games when its loading things. Even for games that are not very load intense like
  2. Have you ever wanted to be able to send and receive texts on your windows 10 PC when you have an iPhone? Well I found a way! all you must do is go to; https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/alienware-mobile-connect/9pmxq13q3lgp?activetab=pivot:overviewtab make sure your signed in, add the app to cart, and checkout. Then open the windows 10 app store app, make sure your signed in, click the 3 dots icon to the right of you account picture, go to library, and install the app. Then follow the "normal" setup, including the IOS app side, all seams to work inc
  3. You have no idea how bad that is, I would say 65-95% of those uninstaller either leave junk everywhere or actually don’t remove anything at all.... I’ve seen uninstallers that literally all they do is remove the program from the programs list, all the registry items and files and even services are still there.... you can even run most of them even though there “uninstalled”
  4. But this is great new for people like me that want as little crud ware as possible but still functionality, like I have an impact for my new yet unfinished build, and I was planning to just disable the MB RGB entirely, but now.... I use Corsair iCue for lots of things, lighting, custom control profiles for my mouse and keyboard, AIO and fan control, and if there was a iCue compatible SFF PSU that too, I love that I can have just 1 program set to auto start
  5. This does not make it so you can control aura compatible ram, you still need Corsair ram if you want that... this is just MB support
  6. As do I, then everything “can” be controlled by ONE software not 7
  7. I have no idea.... my new build at the moment is not finished so I can’t check, but reference the Corsair forum???
  8. I just like it as it looks at change logs and tracks any file made by the program so it can flag them when you uninstall it
  9. Never said aura was good, I actually think it’s crud, but I’m saying is it’s not hard to kill, I’ve removed it from my machine, and about the machines of 4-5 of my friends, all you need to do is get REVO uninstaller, disable auto start of the program, service, and windows app (if applicable) reboot, then nuke them with revo and then check the registry’s two locations for auto start to make sure there is no aura stuff left and if so remove them. also that’s one of the things I like, you install aura but don’t launch it, I think it just uses a plugin to contact the aura service, mean
  10. Try it anyways, it’s a beta, and lots of people are reporting there board works even though it’s not on the list
  11. I agree that there should just be a standard, but I personally have not had any problems with iCue on my builds, and it’s not hard to completely remove aura.... I’ve done it many times before... but on another note, something that could come to pass is eventually the protocols that are being made by Corsair trying to work with everyone is as a byproduct making a standard everyone will use
  12. I agree, I’ve also felt that out of all the RGB control software out there Corsair iCue has the most flexibility/features, and only until recently has there been really any other competitor to it, namely the brand new thermaltake controller software.
  13. So something missed by seemingly everyone at CES 2020 was that Corsair apparently announced that they are working with ASUS to allow for Corsair iCue to control the motherboard RGB lighting including RGB strips connected to the motherboard. (ARGB not currently supported but planned apparently) Though it’s currently in beta and only supported on certain motherboards. (see links in Corsair forum post) As a quote from the Corsair forum; (see link 1) “As you saw from our [Corsair] CES 2020 announcement, we are now in a partnership [ASUS] to allow for their moth
  14. What exact model number? Also if you want to be sure and if the system is dead anyway, you can just open up the system, most will require the main system to be dismantled to the point you can get to the panel hinge mounting, then usually the front bezel can be popped off to reveal the display panel then count the pins on preferably the connection on the actual panel, if there are 30 or 40 pins it should be EDP, counting the pins on the connection to the MB can be problematic as a lot of the time the webcam, microphone, touch interface, and other such things will be run though an extended conne