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  1. @TopWargamer, I know what bands and frequencies they run on, I am just trying to map the bands to GCI. It is unique for each carrier so it has to be gathered in the field.
  2. Hey guys, I'm an application developer and am looking to map Rogers LTE bands for my application. If anyone would be willing to help then I would greatly appreciate it. I'm looking for rooted Nexus 5 users because I know those devices will be able to access the device's hidden engineering screen using this application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cellmapper.nexus5fieldtestmode (Then going to Field Test > LTE Engineering) Basically I just need a screenshot of this screen which shows band info (see attached). And then a screenshot of my application which shows th
  3. Awesome, yet disappointing that the 7000 series wasn't supported out of the gate. Looks like this really removes the CPU bottleneck AND increases GPU efficiency on top of that. Kudos. Also, let's keep in mind for both the haters and lovers of AMD that this is only a first release of Mantle! I'm excited to think of where this will go.
  4. I find you unboxings to be a great and honest first impression of a product. That can often be very telling of a product. I would like the unboxings to keep coming.
  5. I think selling his vote would've been bad of him, but this is just funny lol.
  6. I built the one in my sig for less than $500 minus the GPU.
  7. Both are great cards, but the crowd favorite is usually the DC2. Personally I have always been really happy with EVGA.
  8. The only thing about buying a N5 is that you get the latest version of Android, but honestly it's not going to affect you much. You will be able to test just fine with a 4.3 phone as you will with a 4.4 phone for the most part. As long as your not planning on buying an Android 2.2 device, I wouldn't let it affect your decision. -Application Developer
  9. Have you been playing rush exclusively on offense lol? BF4 really killed rush
  10. The differences you should really know of are that the 290 performs just marginally less than its sibling the 290X and costs about $150 less.
  11. Nooo way. I have an ultrabook that only had 128GB and it is seriously not enough space.
  12. Great find. Yeah these reference coolers certainly leave a lot to be desired.
  13. They are certainly throttling under load no doubt about that.... I'm almost certain that most reviewers are finding that the 290 is a little faster than the 290X just because the 290 puts off a little less heat than its sibling. Anyways, lets hope that a reference cooler is up to the job. Right now I am almost of the opinion that both of these cards should just be watercooled lol.