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  1. It's more beneficial for you to do your classwork yourself
  2. I broke my case window so now i have a piece of Siran wrap taped to the side of my case
  3. Here's a quick sketch. Lemme know if something needs changed. Side Panel v1.0.pdf
  4. Damn dude, trim your fingernails
  5. Is the lock switch on the side of the card set to locked mode? Edit: nvm didn't fully read the question
  6. That's a sweet board, I wish I would have gotten that one instead . Oh well, my setup is functional, if not ideal
  7. On some routers you can plug in a usb device and have that accessible on the network. However, since you are backing up multiple PCs and storing a bunch of media files, I think a NAS would be a better option since it can offer redundancy and increased capacity. A NAS and home server are pretty much the same thing, just designed for different use cases. A NAS doesn't need very powerful hardware since it is just transfering files. A home server might need some more powerful hardware since it will usually be used to run game servers and web services, among other things.
  8. I might look into something like that. I'll have to do some research to see if an adapter exists that is supported by FreeBSD
  9. Oh man, that is almost perfect. It doesn't look like it has room for my network card though
  10. I decided to build a router, more on a whim than because of necessity. I'm pretty happy with how it's performed so far. Even when downloading 20 or so torrents I can't get the cpu usage to go much above 10%. The motherboard was more expensive than other options but I think the price is offset somewhat by the included power supply/brick. I did not purchase a case because all of the ones I looked at had a place for a power supply; and because this motherboard uses an external power brick, I decided it would be dumb to have a big empty spot in the case where a power supply would go. I