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  1. Hello I was wondering if anyone knows the make and model of The Lambo that Linus had as I was planning on re creating it as a side project
  2. Fixed the issue. My TV was still plugged into HDMI >.> I'm dumb. Sorry guys
  3. I checked the OSD and I can't seem to see any settings relating to refresh rate. I have it set to the extreme and gaming mode things though with ultra low motion blur off and Gsync on
  4. Just tried DDU and installing drivers. Still the same issue
  5. Hello, I'm unsure what I'm doing wrong. As the title suggests I'm trying to run 144htz at 1440p but it's not working. In Nvidia control panel the maximum refresh rate is 120htz and the same is said in device properties in Windows. I tried both the drivers Windows downloaded automatically and drivers from the Acer website. Other info you may need. My graphics card is a GTX 680 MSI 4GB. I'm running the latest version of Windows and the latest graphics card drivers as of making this thread.
  6. Honestly that's kinda subject to opinion. You could sort of play around with the positions until you find a spot you like for both. What sort of way did you want to use the 24 inch display?