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Everything posted by TheDukeOfDank

  1. just wondering, i picked one up for 40 dollars at best buy today
  2. just picked one up at best buy for 40 bucks, was just wondering if that was a good deal
  3. is it a good gaming mouse for the price?
  4. i was looking for a new mouse when i came upon this : http://www.amazon.com/Zelotes-Button-Optical-Wired-Gaming/dp/B00IFRH6JS/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1450845037&sr=1-1&keywords=zelotes you guys think this would be decent?
  5. i might get a deathadder, it looks pretty solid
  6. the g502 is 60 dollars, not 40, too expensive
  7. looking for a new gaming mouse. Needs: About 40 dollars Wired Not small Wants: Simple layout Long lasting Accurate sensor
  8. The rival seems somewhat expensive though, it's about 60 and I'd rather get something that's around 45 or so, any other ideas?
  9. Is there anything that's kinda like the g402 but with less buttons? I'd say 2 on the side would be the most I could deal with, kinda like how the razer deathadder is laid out
  10. do you think the g402 would be good?
  11. from what ive heard its quite the opposite, high dpi for moba and low dpi for shooters (like csgo)
  12. palm, i also have pretty large hands also
  13. i have pretty big hands, is the g302 big enough for someone with big hands if i palm grip it?
  14. how would it compare to , say a steelseries rival, ive heard the rival is really good
  15. Looking for a new mouse for LoL preferably 45 or lower, but can stretch it up to 55 max
  16. Looking for a good LoL mouse thats 50 dollars or less, preferably 45 or lower, but i can stretch it to maybe 55 max
  17. it redirects you to amazon and it says theyre not available
  18. where do you find a finalmouse? theyres noone selling them online
  19. just have had some really bad experiences with logitech mice, they just never lasted me
  20. Just wondering. or are there any better for 50 dollars, i dont like logitech mice though
  21. but its also like 150 dollars, i only have 50 for a mouse