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  • CPU
    ryzen 7 2700x
  • Motherboard
    asus crosshair vii hero
  • RAM
    32gb crucial ballistix elite
  • GPU
    Radeon VII
  • Case
    fractal desing meshify C
  • Storage
    1TB m.2, 2TB sata ssd, 5TB external hard drive (seagate back up plus)
  • PSU
    corsair HX 1200i
  • Display(s)
    AOC q3279vwfd8
  • Cooling
    corsair h100v2
  • Keyboard
    asus ROG flare X mx red
  • Mouse
    logitech g502 proteus spectrum
  • Sound
    sony HR-RT3 soundbar
  • Operating System
    windows 10 pro

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  1. hello. im buying cooler for my ryzen 7 3800xt and i decide for be quiet! Dark Rock TF because i use lian li o11 dynamic and max cpu cooler high is 155mm and i dont like AIO-s. does any one have experience whit this cooler on ryzen platform? how it performs? thanks for help
  2. yes i have no problem whit bios upgrade. this is the problem for me. the r7 3800x or even r7 3800xt and r5 5600x are the same price here. i was looking r7 5800x but they are like 100€ more expensive then 3800x (xt)
  3. currently i have ryzen z 2700x, rtx 2080S, asus prime x570 pro, 32gb ram. i will upgrade gpu to 3080 (ti) some time this year
  4. hello. im looking to upgrade cpu. im looking ryzen 7 3800x and ryzen 5 5600x they are the same price in my country. currently i have ryzen z 2700x, rtx 2080S and i play at 1440 high refresh. thanks
  5. thanks for help. i just order G7 so we will se. yes i know that G7 have backlight bleed, but they fix it whit software so i will upgrade software. i hope that 1000R curve will not be problem whit me.
  6. thanks for you opinion. this is why i ask here on forum because is hard decision.
  7. Hello. Im looking to buy new monitor. im currently on AOC Q3279VWFD8 which is 1440p @75HZ IPS panel (yes joke on me). Now im looking between lg 27lg850-b and samsung Odyssey g7 C32G75TQSU i know that one si IPS and one is VA panel. I have system whit rtx 2080S, ryzen 7 2700x whit 32gb ram, planning to upgrade to rtx 3080 (ti) or rx 6800xt down the line. which one i choose? thanks for help and opinions
  8. I have good experience whit asus rma, i rma one gpu once and one old 990fx board twice. Thanks for help.
  9. Idk how can they say it was a user damage, board is 10 months old and no fizical damage on it. But i will send for rma
  10. Hello. Today i edit video for my friend on my ryzen pc, suddently pc turn off, back on and my board (asus prime x570 pro) sais cpu problem. Ok went to other buddy try in his board cpu work normal. So long story short, i take board out off a case and se that some filters/caps fall off at the back off the board. How is this possible? I build a lot off pc-s and no problem so far. I dont have oc on my cpu, i used standofs and there was no damage. I will post picture. What can I do?
  11. I understand. Thanks for help. This is just a cheap 30€ cooler so i dont exspect top quality.
  12. i use it on ryzen 7 2700x and stock temps are between 60-65c.
  13. hello. i have this single tower cpu cooler which have small hole at the base of the cooler (picture is below). will this affect any performance? thanks for help.
  14. yes i know that. but i wanna know if some one have put ninja 5 in this case and if it fits