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  1. Well, believe it or not, I'm using a cheapo membrane keyboard. Not yet on its last legs, but I kinda can't justify buying a PS/2 connector for it. And yeah... I'm also using USB hubs since around two of my USB ports stopped working for some reason i do not know why. Well, which one of those would you recommend?
  2. Well, I've plugged a shitton of stuff via USB and there's another one I want to plug in, but I can't exactly justify unplugging another peripheral for it. But since my motherboard has PS/2 connection, yeah... as the title says.
  3. I've always thought that Index and Railgun had to be watched together at a certain degree because Index had holes that Railgun fills and vice-versa.
  4. Corey in the House is a classic
  5. Not even significant in that tier of a GPU, really.
  6. Overwatch. I gave in to my desire to play that game that I decided to pre-order it. Like, fuck it. If it sucks, then I'll blame myself. If its awesome, then holy shit.
  7. I'd be a good upgrade if you can't justify going above $200.
  8. I've had problems with "cleaning" Fallout 4's .ini files (which frustrates the fuck out of me) to get rid of the random stuttering (by stutter, I mean sometimes it just hangs for like 3-5 seconds then it'd be fine again then within every 1-15 minutes, it'd hang up again for that long... randomly. I forgot how I fixed it because I sure as hell don't want to touch it again) while my friends who have 970s and 980 Ti's never had a problem with it. Seriously, if its user error, I'd be fine, but goddamnit! Whats with games nowadays even having that kind of messed up quality control where even indivi
  9. Alright, marking it solved. Thanks everyone (I'm gonna mark @thekeemo as the one who solved it since he basically answered first... sorry bout that D:)
  10. Well, yeah, I'm gonna do that. I thought he meant to say that in a sense that the heat generated by the PSU may affect the temperature of the liquid/pump/etc...
  11. Alright, before I marked this as solved, just to confirm, its basically safe to mount it ontop of the PSU provided the res is on top of the pump and is fed without issues, right?
  12. Well, the Node 804 has a second chamber dedicated for the PSU itself (basically the entire chamber is its "shroud", I guess) which it shares with the hard drive cages or fans and radiators. So, yeah, no shroud like the Enthoo Pro, Luxe, Primo, Evolv, or even the P series.
  13. Well, having witnessed two rigs with a D5 (albeit I'm told one of them have been in those rigs for years while the other may have been a factory reject) just fail on itself. I'd personally like two D5s for redundancy (likelihood of two pumps failing at the same time is lower than the likelihood of a single pump failing at all at some point in time).
  14. So, if the fan is facing down (fan-side down) it should be alright, right? Would putting some sort of foam padding inbetween the PSU and the pump be a good alternative? There's really not much to drill on to mount a pump in the Node 804, really.
  15. I've had no issues with GTA V with my rig, but damn... My friends have had headaches getting it to work, and they have 980 Ti's while I have a 970.