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    everything that has some sort of wire involved, and food.
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    I'm brian, i like food, and i attend the skool.

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  1. Do you use google chrome? Try out firefox and see you you see an improvement.
  2. Great! Glad to hear that you found the issue.
  3. I'm completely stuck. do you have on-board graphics you could try to see if its the gpu? Maybe its the monitor to be honest, I've had HDMI connections mess a lot of things up.
  4. So, only in games, and only from the headset? It sounds like an issue with the grounding of the cable, and maybe only occurs when the mic is activated? Do other speakers do the same thing?
  5. Then give it a try! download it, and run it to see if it can find the embbedded key!
  6. Is it a custom built pc or a premade one? If its pre-made you might be able to find the pro key using https://www.magicaljellybean.com/
  7. Hell, 8 gigs is plenty. Unless you have more then 3 50 chrome tabs open at a time and dont render video while using the pc for anything else it should be fine. Most of my games run fine and i'm still left with a extra 2 gigs free while at max load.
  8. True, but that requires alot of jumping and a phone call or two. Also unfortunately they claim to have windows 10 home.
  9. Other then all the cool things your missing out on, security, and easy fixes for your issues, I understand. You would have to somehow find a valid windows 7 key Or, use it for 30 days and then get yelled at to buy windows, until your pc eventually locks you out. Be sure to back up all your data tho, because it wont carry over. It's fairly easy to find a key on a old laptop lying around, or ...
  10. I'm pretty sure the "docking station" your referring to isnt what you think it is. Do you have a image of what it looks like? Also a docking station would do you no more good then plugging it into the laptop itself.
  11. So, like others said, without a windows 7 key there's no way to do it "legit". It's also kinda not maintained as much anymore. Even though the end of life for it is in 2020. Also, why do you want to downgrade? Is it because of the start menu? Install classic shell. Dont like the windows? Same thing, skin it. There are a ton of really good ones out there.
  12. I had this exact same issue, not with that exact mic tho. It had compatibility up to windows 7, but i used it on 10 fine. A update caused it to stop working in only a few programs. The only way i was able to fix it was by reinstalling the programs that it did't work with. Dumb fix, i know. But it worked for me.
  13. Ehhh- probably not. but if you have a fan that sucks and another that blows on the same side of the case? That's probably an issue.