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  1. Which would be better for an i7-7700k? How much better would said cooler be?
  2. I already did plan it out and stuff, I really just need to buy one at this point. I have a desktop with a 1080 ti and 7700k so I'm good there, space is a little small but I'll make it manage, and I've thought about the camera placement too. I save a ton doing it like thissssss... and like the previous person said, i could end up reselling if broken?
  3. I asked how long did the original buyer have it for, and they said: Not too long, these are retail returns from stores like Amazon. Item may have sat at warehouse for a while before being liquidated.
  4. Right which is what I was thinking... but in worse case, if it's broken, couldn't I just resell it as a broken unit? What are the chances of it selling? But, we also have to think... as a return, what companies generally have gaming computers to test out a vive? lol
  5. Long story short.. I'm getting an HTC vive. Untested I bought for $275, which I can cancel still. Used ones cost around $400 New ones cost around $600. Think untested is worth it with this seller? Their feedback is high and all: http://www.ebay.com/itm/142519519427
  6. Yes, that's what I do. I turn it off and adjust brightness. Restart and bamm, it's on again.. like wth
  7. That's what I tried as well.. I created my own plan, and it just changed adaptive brightness to on again.
  8. I can't seem to figure out how to turn this off. Adaptive brightness... I've turned it off in power management, but every time I restart my computer it comes back and dims my screen to 50% Please help.