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    micedits got a reaction from Madfang in Experiences with non-techies   
    My Mum is scared that I will set parental control on her account so she refuses to give me admin then when things go wrong she has a go at me for changing her password in order to get all privileges.
    My Sister legitimately believes that the red fans in my computer help speed it up.  
    Not as related as they're supposed to be "in the know" tech wise but, the ict support at my school plugged a network cable into the wrong port and it routed traffic back to the main server and shut down all the schools networking for about a week. 
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    micedits reacted to RevoltTrain in Cool things to plug into your PC?   
    USB Butt Plugs
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    micedits reacted to JeffreyEagan in Win8 activation   
    Do not clone your OS over, you have to completely reinstall windows to the SSD or you will experience BSOD's and crashes later on.
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    micedits reacted to Godlygamer23 in How much are my old pc parts worth?   
    I'll take those off your hands. Thanks.
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    micedits got a reaction from Jay Scrivy in The Man-Cave [99.9% Complete]   
    I would honestly be fine with his speeds so that I do not have to deal with comcast 
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    micedits reacted to Jameswalt1 in [Build Log] -------- "MONOCHROME" --------   
    The Titan Z's are all blocked up!

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    micedits reacted to dadasmithywinkle in David Cameron wants to ban encryption   
    So it looks like Cameron can go and suck it.
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    micedits reacted to dragoon20005 in Upgrading my PC   
    this is the best i can go without GPU
    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant
    CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor  (€165.71 @ Home of Hardware DE)
    Motherboard: ASRock H97M Anniversary Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard  (€75.89 @ Amazon Deutschland)
    Memory: Team Vulcan 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory  (€69.90 @ Caseking)
    Storage: Crucial M550 128GB 2.5" Solid State Drive  (€59.45 @ Amazon Deutschland)
    Total: €370.95
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2015-01-12 13:32 CET+0100
    if you can wait for the GTX960
    your GPU is still ok for gaming
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    micedits reacted to smogsy in The Man-Cave [99.9% Complete]   
    cheers guys & yes its very secure  on a side note i looked that john lewis table & it looked like it would topple over! 
    But i just bought my bday present to myself 1TB Samsung EVO 840! (its the 14th)
    if your not sure
    one of these
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    micedits reacted to smogsy in The Man-Cave [99.9% Complete]   
    money shots   The Family   The cards
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    micedits reacted to smogsy in The Man-Cave [99.9% Complete]   
    Sofa         Sub (tannoy 10") to same series as my speakers (oak was on 60% discount!)  
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    micedits reacted to smogsy in The Man-Cave [99.9% Complete]   
    Pretty Much Complete now,
    Just finishing touches & buy some Sofa of some kind

    Panasonic VT20 3D 50"
    Tannoy Revolutions DC6T's
    2x 2TB SKY HD Boxes (one as backup)
    Cambridge Audio Azur 630 Amp
    Cambridge DACmagic
    Ps3 Ultra Slim 250GB
    Panasonic Blu-Ray Player Chrome Cast
    HDMI/Toslink From PC
    HTPC (possibly soon)
    Others in Picture
    5kw Air Con (Hot & Cold)
    SA950D 3D Monitor
    Sky Router as Wifi Acess point only.
    Chill Area
    Double Bed with Memoryfoam, Incase get kicked out or its raining !
    Fridge to hold 108 wine bottles
    Curtains for Privacy
    Toilet in the room

    Main PC Area
    i7 3770k at 4.8ghz
    16GB DDR3 1600mhz
    4x SSD 1x 3TB
    Epihany Acoustics DAC
    1x 2913WM (2560x1080)
    2x 23" DELL 1080p monitors
    Ducky Brown Keyboard
    AKG K702's

    Main Switch
    24 port

    2 more 8 ports

    Charging Area
    Double Socjet with Mutiple USB power to Charge anything
    Nexus 7 
    Nexus 4
    All connected

    in Total 22 of 25 plug sockets used
    can get better pictures later im tired
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    micedits reacted to smogsy in The Man-Cave [99.9% Complete]   
    So, im fairly new to this forum, However i like to make an entrance.
    This in WIP But here it is so far:
      Ordered directly from the Manfacturer met the Builders at their factory in UK (where i'm from) it was specially made for myself extras I added on like: extra room inside  double glazing  different windows than standard extra window in the extra room Tall Construction (2 beams higher than standard) Bigger josts 3x4 not 2x4   Extra room will be toilet facilities & little storage         Air con 5KW Office unit to sit outside does Hot & Cold & time sensor    
    Colour Change:   Triple Sockets   Whats in the ceiling & floor? 70mm thick Insulation:   How it done?   Painted inside with same as outside Medium Oak Barn Paint 60 quid per 5 litres     10mm thick armoured cable, in theory 92amps of power     2nd Bathroom so far (one in cabin too)
    I've also ripped out a bathroom in my garage (close to the man cave) to put a new suite in So I can have my own toilet facilities in the Man-cave & full bathroom in the house
    These are currently in the spare room ready to move in the cabin     Every Flavour of coke (including raspberry i believe)   Ethernet cable Pipe MDPE (underground pipe solution)    
    the new Ceiling   New floor   MDPE possibly for Ethernet run   Bathroom now   Paint now its dry   wiring   Outside switch too!   inside dimmer #1 of 2   Batton for Ceiling connected to  
    ttering to a waterbut   Bit blury But you get the idea(ceiling didnt come out howi hoped) might redo it with ton & grooving at a later date. Floor see the joins perfection   Tree is so close branches almost touch could bird watch  
    Virgin: 125mb (upgraded to 153mb soon) Sky: 16mb, (only get around 8mb)      
    Air con mounted   Made my own beading & painted it with the wall colour                 current things to do: Add 8 Triple Sockets (Power) Complete by Electrician Add 2 Double Sockets (Power) Complete by Electrician 70mm Celotex Insulation in Roof & Floor - Complete 10mm Armoured cable Fitted - Complete by Electrician Spotlights placed & fitted (inside & out) - near complete Floor - To be Bought & fitted - complete Satellite cable to run - to be done 2x Cat 6 to be run to the Man-Cave - need to be done fill in hole for power cable - complete now metre deep       Few things i'm setting up in their 50m of Cat6 for Broadband connection 2x 8 port switches 1x 24 port switch Sky TV Home Cinmea Computers spare bed for guests & if i'm to lazy
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    micedits reacted to CtW in [Finished] The Renewal - 1080mm rad, 6700k, Z170 Asrock OC Formula, 980 Ti Matrix   
    I see what you did there!
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    micedits reacted to Jameswalt1 in [Build Log] -------- "MONOCHROME" --------   
    Thanks guys!

    Here's the EVGA 1600w G2 PSU I'll be using
    I big fan of the quality and finish of this thing, I'll probably use EVGA PSU's from now on.

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    micedits reacted to Jameswalt1 in [Build Log] -------- "MONOCHROME" --------   
    Been a while since an update, been busy in real life
    Here's the EK Supremacy CPU block and EK Monarch ram blocks I'll be using!
    (No, not an EVO, I got this block before the EVO came out)

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    micedits reacted to Jameswalt1 in [Build Log] -------- "MONOCHROME" --------   
    The SSD's arrived! Looks like I accidently ordered 240Gb's, but oh well they're plenty
    You can also see in the pics that I very easily converted the case to reverse mATX. Due to the modular nature of the Hex Gear case it's extremely easy to do.

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    micedits reacted to Jameswalt1 in [Build Log] -------- "MONOCHROME" --------   
    Here's the case!
    From new manufacturer HEX GEAR (WWW.HEX-GEAR.COM)  this is the R40, a premium mATX case. I made a lot of effort to do the case justice with my photos, and show that it truly is a high end piece of gear.
    No matter what angle you look at it from the case is flawlessly sculpted, to the point of looking almost like a render. It's the kind of tasfeful, well made piece that wouldn't look out of place in a high end Swedish furniture catalog, it just oozes class.
    The case is made from steel and aluminum - and comes in black and white (mine being black here). The front and rear acrylic inserts come standard in black on the white case and white on the black case, but color accent packs will be available to order so you can customize the color combination of your case. In my pictures you can see the white acrylic inserts but my final build will actually use silver inserts.
    There will also be other modular items available for order, for example in my pictures you can see a shot of 4 smaller rectangular metal pieces with different shaped cutouts in each one - these are modular reservoir/pump mounts that are interchangable on the interior wall of the case. There are a ton of possibilities in this regard, another one being an add-on piece that allows the case to be constructed in a reverse mATX form!
    - Materials: Aluminium | Steel | Acrylic
    – Colours Available: Black | White
    – Dimensions(WxDxH): 241.5 x 483 x 415
    – Motherboard form factor: mATX
    – 3.5" Drives: 2
    – 2.5" Drives: 3
    – Cooling: 6 x 120mm (3 x top 1 x rear 2 x bottom)
    – PCI Slots: 5
    – Suitable for air or watercooling
    – Screws and fixings
    – 1 x white / black or white / steel vandal switch
    – Motherboard standoffs
    – Instruction manual
    – Hex keys
    – 90deg IEC adapter

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    micedits reacted to Jameswalt1 in [Build Log] -------- "MONOCHROME" --------   
    Here's the awesome looking EVGA X99 Micro as well as my 5960x!
    I've mentioned before that I'm a big fan of EVGA's new boards, as well as their bios' - and this board is no different. Rock solid piece. I've played with it to check the processor and was able to effortlessly overclock it to 4.6 on air using a pretty cheap cooler. Once on water I think this think will have even more legs

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    micedits reacted to Jameswalt1 in [Build Log] -------- "MONOCHROME" --------   
    Here are the Rocket Science fittings I'll be using for the build. They are, in my opinion, the best looking fittings for 1/2 inch tube. Here in the USA and also Australia (where the fittings are made) Imperial sizing is common for available copper tube, so these fittings hit the spot.
    They are near identical to Bitspower C47's in terms of overall size. So, similar to that product these fittings leave a small footprint and fit flush with any other fitting adapter they might be connected to, unlike all other brands on the market whose 1/2 inch fittings are gigantic to the point of being just plain ugly.
    I can't recommend enough. Keep in mind that the prices on the Rocket Science website are AUS dollars, not US dollars, so with the conversion they actually end up being only 6.50 a piece (I don't know the conversions off hand for the other countries this build log is posted). You can also use the code FASTFATE0105 for free shipping on orders over $50!

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    micedits reacted to Maki Role in Loramentum - A watercooled, wall mounted rig - Fan and lighting upgrade! 27/01/17   
    Hi everybody!

    Been following LTT for a while now, figured I should finally make an account in order to get involved with the community. As a bit of background, I'm a student from the UK with a passion for modding and watercooling in particular. Some of you may know me from reddit, where I'm an active member of /r/buildapc and a moderator at /r/watercooling, I'm also found on Bit-Tech under the same name. I haven't actually been modding for that long, I probably started seriously not more than a couple years back. Since then I've caught the bug and can't wait to launch into new projects the moment one is finished!

    So to kick things off I thought I would share with you my current work in progress rig:


    The idea behind "Loramentum" was to make a rig that could be wall mounted but at the same time watercooled. The challenge comes from how I also wanted the rig to be portable so that it could be taken to LAN events and to/fro home and university. Naturally a simple mini-ITX rig in say an EVGA Hadron could have sufficed here, but I wanted to try something new and a bit more novel, at the expense of being a bit more portable.

    The main construction itself is formed from a single piece of machined acrylic, which will not only provide the structure to the components, but also feature water channels for the coolant. Protection during transport will be provided by a flight case that I'll also be building.


    Update 1: Introduction and Renders
    Update 2: Laser Cut Frame Lid
    Update 3: Watercooling Care Package from EK
    Update 4: O-rings, Wires and Braid
    Update 5: GPU Blocks and Fractures
    Update 6: Trial by Water
    Update 7: Fans, Plugs and Dye
    Update 8: Extenders, Extensions and Sharpies
    Update 9: Corsair Dominator Platinum - Gold Edition
    Update 10: Front panel cut
    Update 11: GPU Bracket Started
    Update 12: GPU Bracket Finished
    Update 13: Flight Case Parts
    Update 14: PSU Bracket and Pump Jacket
    Update 15: Part assembly!
    Update 16: Stand and Coolant Renders
    Update 17: Flight Case Part 1
    Update 18: Flight Case Part 2
    Update 19: 24 Pin Sleeved... Again
    Update 20: Flight Case Interior Work
    Update 21: 8 Pin CPU Cable made and sleeved
    Update 22: GPU Sleeved up and Cable Management
    Update 23: PSU Fan and SSD Painting
    Update 24: New Mechanical Keyboard and Stand Progress
    Update 25: Stand Finished
    Update 26: Smashed... Better start over
    Update 27: New Block Design and 3D Model sharing!
    Update 28: The Parts Still Work!
    Update 29: New Block and Giveaway
    Update 30: O-rings back in
    Update 31: Block filled and tested
    Update 32: Hardware Installed
    Update 33: Tubing Added
    Update 34: Coolant Added
    Update 35: Finished!  Final Pics Here!
    Update 36: Better Final Pics Here!  Ignore the previous ones
    Update 37: Battlestation Upgrade!
    First up I'd like to thank EK Waterblocks who will be providing much of the watercooling equipment used in this build, I'd also like to thank Intel for sending me an i7 4770k to use in this build!


    So here's a hardware lowdown:

    CPU: Intel Core i7 4770k
    Motherboard: Asus Z87I-Pro
    RAM: 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 1866MHz
    GPU: Asus AMD R9 290
    PSU: Corsair RM650
    Storage: Samsun Evo in some undecided size (likely 512GB)


    CPU Block: EK Supremacy Clean Gold
    GPU Block: EK-FC R9-290X Acetal
    Radiator: XSPC EX360 Crossflow
    Pump: Laing D5 Vario with EK Clean Pump Top
    Fittings: EK HD Adapters
    Tubing: EK rigid acrylic tubing 10/12mm
    Fans: Undecided but I'm likely to go for Noiseblocker eloops as they look simply fantastic

    Concept Renders:
    These were made using a combination of Autodesk Inventor and Blender, with the renders themselves being done in Cycles within Blender. I find planning builds like this in 3D can be a great idea as it allows you to play with things like colour schemes and alternate parts very easily.

    For the case I've decided to go for the carbon vinyl look. Not only is it easier to work with, but most of the people I asked said they preferred it, which certainly works for me. I'm planning on having the RAM heatspreaders and GPU Plate/IO shield gold plated so that they match the theme. You'll notice from the renders that the reservoir is actually built into the structure itself, it's definitely one of the parts I'm most looking forward to finishing.

    And now for some actual components!


    I know you've all seen it before, but damn I love the look of these sticks. Very different in person to how they appear in the promotional art though, the bars have much more texture to them, which is no bad thing.

    Dat box...

    Sockets make for some cool macro shots.

    And just for a laugh, this is where I'm keeping the components for now... Yeah I know, I don't think I've ever seen an emptier Phantom before.

    And the award for the loudest stock component ever goes to the 290. I knew the stock cooler was pretty loud, but I was truly taken aback just by how much, it's insane.

    Here's the machined part after a few goes with some coarser grit sandpaper. I'll be slowly working my way up the grades, just need to order in some more of the high grit stuff first.

    Rough fitting session with the rad, pump and an old GTX 590. That card is monstrously sized, much larger than the 290 (or at least it feels it), thankfully the holes line up with the ports etc. on the 290.

    Hope you all enjoy the project! I'm looking forward to being able to post more updates as well as getting involved with the awesome community here.
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    micedits reacted to MetallicAcid in MetallicAcid's TJ07 (working title)   
    Sponsored by:

    Hello and welcome to the final update
    What a journey this has been with my still unnamed TJ07 project! With this update I would like to show you the completed build in all of it's glory! Thank you to all of you sponsors for your support in making this the PC that I had imagined using your products!
    This project started over a year ago when I bought a SilverStone Temjin TJ07 second hand from a local man.. I started designing ideas in SketchUp and eventually came up with a design that I (and you guys ) enjoyed. A few months went by when a friend of mine asked me to build this computer for him. Fast forward a few months of slow but sure progress, and here we have the finished product!!
    Personally, I think that this PC looks spectacular!! I love the black on black with just a little hint of grey and carbon black highlights. Very stealthy and understated.
    The finished project contains the following hardware:
    Intel Core i7 4930K
    ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition X79
    G.Skill Ripjaws Z DDR3 PC19200/2400MHz CL10 4x8GB x2 (64GB total)
    Sapphire Radeon R9 290 4GB x3 (Trifire)
    Samsung 840 EVO Series 500GB x2
    NB-BlackSilent Pro 120mm x6
    SilverStone ST1200-G 1200W
    EK Coolstream PE 480
    EK Coolstream PE 240
    EK-RES X3 250 x2
    EK-FB ASUS R4BE Monoblock - Acetal+Nickel
    EK-FC R9-290X - Acetal+Nickel (Rev.2.0) x3
    EK-FC R9-290X Backplate - Black x3
    Alphacool VPP655 - G1/4 IG complete with D5 HF Top
    EK HD fittings and adapters
    Oh and get some popcorn



































    Thank you everyone for following my project! I have 2 more to be completed before the end of the year, so keep your eyes on my Facebook page for the build log links
    See you at the next project!
    Kind regards,
    Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen


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    micedits reacted to Maki Role in Loramentum - A watercooled, wall mounted rig - Fan and lighting upgrade! 27/01/17   
    Yeah the tubing stumped me too. There is actually a specific tool for handling plumbing and wiring, but I couldn't be arsed to learn how to use it. Just made the tubing in Blender instead with bezier curve extruded cylinders.

    Thanks! Seems that wall mounts are the in thing right now, what with LianLi's recent announcements etc. The Acrylic itself wasn't particularly costly, something like £60 or so, the machining was the pricier part, but even that wasn't unreasonable at around £200. I'd say it depends on what look you're going for. I only used acrylic so I could have milled interior channels. If I were only using tubing and an external res I'd have gone with either ply or and aluminium plate.
    Sort of update
    Whilst not a big update, I managed to find the time the other day to hook everything together in a makeshift loop to see if things would work properly. Sure enough, it all went smoothly, every component works fine, which was a huge relief. I wanted to post this yesterday, but I had to pop off to Belgium for a bit, back now and stocked up on confit from the supermarket (just can't get the stuff over here, takes too long to make too) and Neuhaus.

    Bit of a Frankenstein's PC right now, just put things together with spares that I had lying around. Worked well enough, although having a reservoir around to help with bleeding would have been good.

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    micedits reacted to Maki Role in Loramentum - A watercooled, wall mounted rig - Fan and lighting upgrade! 27/01/17   
    I tend to work the other way round I reckon, I come up with a design, check my budget, then build the components around that.  It makes it much easier to compromise in the right areas.  I also tend to overestimate my budget to allow for hiccups and difficulties, that way even if something bad like this happens, I can fix things up pretty easily.  

    It actually may end up being a bonus, I've managed to cut the weight of the new one by 45% or so  

    Yeah it's not ideal, guess it's an issue with using any clear substance, they're invariably far more brittle when at any decent thickness.  Still, the new one's a definite improvement so there's that.  

      It's k, I fix evrytim

    And from the ashes, it shall be born again even more majestic  

      Oh... Well that was an unintended side effect.

      Bah tbh it's not hard to make a block better than the old one.  It was heavy, cumbersome and inefficient to mill, I'll try to improve on as many of those areas as I can.

      Funny you should mention that, that's exactly what I was planning.  I used 10mm polycarbonate for the stand as I figured it may suffer a few knocks.  One of the key reasons for reducing each side to 10mm was so that I could use different materials (poly is hard/expensive to find in thicker plates than that).  Scratching doesn't really matter as the front's hidden anyway.

      You and me both man


      Cheers for dropping by Andy, yeah I'm sure this will turn around and be much better than it was before.  Funnily enough, I was actually laughing maniacally when I realised what had happened to the block.  Not much else I could do really that launch into how I would fix it.  Fortunately I had been saving for a new prime lens for my camera, so I have the funds to make a replacement.  Although that does mean putting off my photography investment for a bit
    That drill accident sounds rather painful rofl, had my fair share of "What was I bloody thinking?" moments too, had one with a lathe a few years back that could have ended much worse than it did.
    Right everybody, I finished up the new block 3D model last night, this should be rather interesting if I can get it milled in time.  I've reduced the total weight by roughly 45%, hopefully without sacrificing strength either.  This'll make it much easier to carry around.
    I did a couple quick renders to show the new design, should be much more interesting than the last one.



    I also went and uploaded all those files that I mentioned earlier.  So if you'd like any of them, simply download away.  I've included the Inventor files (which should work with a number of Pro CAD apps) and I think also a .stl version, although I didn't check all of them to see if that was present.  The .stl will work very well for packages like 3DS Max or Blender, not sure about Sketchup but it may work.  The Inventor .stl exporter is very clean and results in good meshes, I used those versions for all the renders.  Naturally these are without materials as those were done in Blender Cycles.  I've tried uploading those before but they tend to break.  If you're a Cycles user and are interested in the materials, I'll happily share a node tree screenshot of any ones you like.  Click the titles to be taken to the download page. @CtW @EmeraldFlame @HippY  

    PSU - Corsair RM650 (doesn't include fan and grill I think, made those in Blender)

    RAM - Corsair Dominator Platinum

    CPU Block - EK Supremacy Clean CSQ (sorry the legs are from the Raystorm, couldn't be bothered to make new ones)

    EK D5 Vario with Pump Top (Wires not present in model)

    Radiator -  XSPC EX360 XFlow (Rad fins not in model)

    CPU Block - XSPC Raystorm

    GPU/Block - AMD R9 290 with EK Full Cover Block

    Mobo - Asus Z87I-Pro (block not in this model)

    SSD - Samsung 840 Evo (No render sadly, not sure if it has the power ports either, right size though)