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    NinJake reacted to Ahoy Hoy in Podmic w/ m-track solo   
    The M audio has phantom power.
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    NinJake got a reaction from Psittac in Is Apple going to announce the new Airpods next month?   
    Nope. Not a huge fan of wireless headphones/earbuds in general. Only time I use some is some cheap ones for working out (mainly running/biking) as it's nice not having a cable then. Other than that I prefer wired solutions 99% of the time.
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    NinJake got a reaction from Janettebot in Podmic w/ m-track solo   
    I was mainly just saying it could be nice having phantom power in the event you want an inline pre amp to boost the signal with "clean gain". You would do this if talking into the mic normally doesn't deliver the loudness you might be trying to achieve. The pre amp takes phantom power, and could still be usable with the podmic. Although this may not be necessary.
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    NinJake reacted to Red_OW in audio only records to left side in shadowplay   
    just my microphone and only in shadowplay
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    NinJake reacted to PlayStation 2 in Welcome Back to 2007? Lenovo to Introduce Updated ThinkPad Models with 16:10 Displays, AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs and More   
    Source: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/02/lenovo-updates-thinkpad-lineup-with-1610-screens-and-more/

    Lenovo announced that they're updating some of their ThinkPad lineup (namely the X13 and X13 Yoga models) with a notable addition: available 16:10 displays with resolutions of 1920x1200 or 2560x1600.
    Lenovo is also adding 11th gen Intel Core and AMD Ryzen 5000-series products to the mix of these new ThinkPads, notable in the sense that AMD offerings are starting to appear more and more in higher end professional machines.
    They also are adding WiFi 6 and 5G internet support to both the X13/Yoga laptops, which certainly won't come cheap.
    Alongside that, Lenovo is also refreshing their T-series of ThinkPads with most of these new features, minus the 16:10 displays - which, on a series of laptops that offers HDR displays, can make sense.
    What do I think of this? I'm... uh... genuinely surprised that 16:10 is appearing more and more again. I've always maintained that it was an excellent compromise of the entertainment consumption usability of 16:9 and the excellent screen real estate-enabling usefulness of 3:2 and, as it turns out, more and more manufacturers are agreeing there. 
    I beat all of you to the 2560x1600 punch sorry not sorry
    What's your thoughts on all of this? I'm kinda digging it myself.
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    NinJake reacted to minibois in New rumour suggests the "Super Switch" might be a pretty hefty upgrade afterall   
    It would be a nice homage to the Super Nintendo.
    Plus, I'd prefer 'Super' over 'New' (like what they did with the "New Nintendo 3DS (XL)".
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    NinJake reacted to LAwLz in How Big Would This Forum Be If Every Post Was Combined In a Text File?   
    That sounds like you are storing a lot of useless stuff, or not just text. 
    For comparison, the entire Wikipedia, with its 52 million articles (which are far longer than most posts on here) is about 20GB. I think it was about 51GB for the entire English Wikipedia, uncompressed. 
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    NinJake reacted to minibois in Do I go with 2 27 inch monitors or one Ultrawide?   
    You would need to run the game in borderless windowed mode and also set the location of that window. Far more hassle than just running the game on monitor #1 or #2.
    You could also go for an ultrawide and keep your nice 27". that way you can run the game on one of the monitors and keep the rest on the other monitor. That way it's just a case of dragging your windows from one monitor to another/setting the game to one monitor or the other.
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    NinJake reacted to RAS_3885 in Do I go with 2 27 inch monitors or one Ultrawide?   
    I believe some LG monitors allow for the screen space to be natively broken up into "virtual displays" to allow this, otherwise you'd need to use a third party app to manage this all on one screen. Using one of your existing monitors as a dual-screen set-up with the ultrawide would be the easy way around this, and is the route I took when I switched to one.
    I love my ultrawide and don't see myself going back for my primary display anytime soon. Productivity it's just awesome, and gaming is more immersive for the games I play. The downside is that you are pushing ~30 percent more pixel for an ultrawide compared to a 16:9 screen (assuming 21:9 ultrawide that is) so for gaming the GPU load it noticable.
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    NinJake reacted to H713 in can dynamic mics sounds slightly worse from damage or would i notice if it got damaged   
    The OP has an SM7B which is much less durable than an SM58. I've seen SM57s and SM58s that look like they've been dragged behind a car going down the highway that still sound fine. The SM7B isn't quite as durable, but they're still pretty tough.
    If you're that anxious, then it's probably psychological. We are amazingly good at tricking ourselves into thinking we're hearing something we aren't. Here's a good example:
    I got an audiophile friend (who is actually pretty good at critical listening) who refuses to use any solid-state amp to RAVE about my Quested AP700, which is 100% solid-state with (gasp!) 5532 op-amps in the input circuit. How? I put my push-pull 1625 tube amp on top of it and powered it up. The speakers were being driven by the Quested.
    The moral of the story is not that people can't hear the difference between a tube amp and a solid-state amp- I certainly can and I'm not the only one. The point is that our auditory memory isn't as good as we like to think.
  11. Funny
    NinJake got a reaction from SlidewaysZ in Massdrop (now just Drop) launches the HD 8xx at $1100 USD   
    "...Do I really need these now?" *Looks at prices of newest CPUs and GPUs*
    -Sigh- Here we go again.
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    NinJake got a reaction from Aereldor in Massdrop (now just Drop) launches the HD 8xx at $1100 USD   
    "...Do I really need these now?" *Looks at prices of newest CPUs and GPUs*
    -Sigh- Here we go again.
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    NinJake got a reaction from Chikorita in Audio problems while streaming.   
    It's not about their intentions, it's about the technology it was originally devoloped to utilize. The tensor cores in the RTX series is what should be doing the heavy lifting, they weren't around before the RTX series, so now people who want the RTX VOICE with older cards have to deal with the downsides of not having the appropriate tech/hardware.
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    NinJake got a reaction from Thor Velizelos in Senheizer HD 650 through Focusrite Saffire 6 Usb max volume is super low   
    @Thor Velizelos
    Yeah I've just got the modi and magni. I believe it's the 2 as well since I got it a while ago. Now there's even newer ones that are likely a little more juicy. Just make sure you have the windows volume all the way up to 100%. With the extra gain switch on, I only have to turn the schiit knob less than 25% of the way for good volume.
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    NinJake got a reaction from Thor Velizelos in Senheizer HD 650 through Focusrite Saffire 6 Usb max volume is super low   
    I've got the same headphones and the schiit stack works fine for powering them.
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    NinJake reacted to Spotty in I message on Windows?   
    Why not just send an SMS? 
    Oh, so you're paying them to read all of your inbound and outbound messages? For $10/month they better offer advice on talking to girls and suggest some pickup lines to get the conversation started.
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    NinJake got a reaction from TheGreatGamesby in Recommendations for a brand of keyboard and mouse.   
    Logitech mouse + Corsair or HyperX keyboard.
  19. Agree
    NinJake reacted to yaboistar in Recommendations for a brand of keyboard and mouse.   
    logitech has done me well for mice, corsair has done me well for mechanical keyboards. these aren't the best options out there in everyone's view, but it's worked for me and I've been happy with it.
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    NinJake got a reaction from Boinbo in Help on aesthetics   
    Purchase a license
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    NinJake reacted to twistedtyrant66 in Finally did it.   
    hey , i dont mind your opinion. it doesnt bother me. linus and the crew and there videos has rescued me from a lot of dark times. even after all these years it is something i look forward to and cherish. being reminded of that every time i look down doesnt bother me. i already excepted that certain tattoos in certain places will never be excepted by some. but that is fine. but i will never be ashamed of loving the things i love enough to honor them forever. i have a career , i have a loving family who loves my tattoos. thats all that matters to me.and everything ends. but good memories dont. just like we have photos in albums, and tshirts of bands and other things. they are a reminder of special times. 
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    NinJake reacted to Lurick in Finally did it.   
    Good thing nobody needs validation from people like you on the internet
    I might not be on board with OP's choice 100% just based on personal preference but if they are happy, more power to them.
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    NinJake reacted to twistedtyrant66 in Finally did it.   
    yea certainly did do it myself. and thank you. it meant a lot to me. so i went for it . not perfect. but im super happy with it
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    NinJake reacted to twistedtyrant66 in Finally did it.   
    So I finally did my ltt tattoo. Been wanting to do it forever but been so busy. I know it isn't the best. But Linus, and the crew ,and his videos kept me on the right path. And I will never forget that. So this is my forever reminder. I can't afford merch , so this merch will never fall apart lol. 

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    NinJake reacted to SansVarnic in Correct terminology   
    Yes, it is a proper term amongst several.
    Jargon takes shape in many forms. Case, Tower, Box, etcetera.
    Just dont call it a CPU as it is a specific part inside the Case. 👍