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  1. I am OK with case modding, I just never done that before, so I will probably need some advices. Haha, that's nice. I will probably need to cover the board with something (because of the dust), but at the same time I don't want it to overheat. Well, that is the easiest option, but firstly I would like to do something more "interresting". If that fails, I will get a new case.
  2. Hello guys, I am slowly building better PC, most components are used, which is not important. Recently I bought motherboard, which doesn't actually fit in a pc case.. Forgot, that old motherboard is microATX and new one is ATX size. I've came up with 3 following ideas, 1. Buy a new case, which I don't want to buy. 2. Make some modifications in old case, like moving power supply to the place, where is optical drive at the moment and drilling some holes. 3. Get some kind of board, where would be components fitted on. Something like this: https://youtu.be/vF3YRCVvaFw?t=1m34s . Pictures of my