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    CoffeeBlack reacted to Moonzy in Mining Farm with 78 GeForce RTX 3080s Spotted: Capable of Generating $128,088 Per Year   
    Time to go skip rocks or something
    1) you won't want government to control what you're doing with your electricity, just like you don't want them to control how you use your internet
    2) guess I'm not human because I mine lol
    Just because you don't understand it or agree with it it doesn't make it wrong
    I'm not about to enter another 20 page debate with someone over this, last time it killed me on the inside about how stubborn people can be about what's wrong or right, instead of accepting that it's not necessary for everyone's view to align
    Wishing ill on someone isn't a nice thing to do, and death threats are stupid, even if it's not a living being
    I bought three 3060ti from retails, just like anyone else would
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to Gamer Schnitzel in Mining Farm with 78 GeForce RTX 3080s Spotted: Capable of Generating $128,088 Per Year   
    The cryptocurrency market has to die. From a logical and rational point of view it makes no sense whatsoever to convert electricity into an online currency. It literally has zero purpose. No I don't care that it helps you dodge taxations or that you are able to make an income from this. Electricity usage is already high enough in the world, we don't need morons running graphics cards day and night for nothing more than just money making reasons. I doubt Americans are able to understand my argument or care too much about environmental consequences but I can definitely see the EU stepping in one day and regulating this because it literally defies logic from a humanity perspective.
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to Lord Vile in Nintendo issues CnD to tournament organizers for using "project slippi" an emulation mod allowing a 20 yr old game to be played online   
    It’s their IP, maybe they should just play the new smash. The one that doesn’t require illegal practices to use. 
  4. Funny
    CoffeeBlack reacted to GreatnessRD in Nintendo issues CnD to tournament organizers for using "project slippi" an emulation mod allowing a 20 yr old game to be played online   
    Can only blame ourselves as in general, the people have given these companies too much power. But that's the way it goes.
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to SlidewaysZ in Xbox Game Pass for PC going up in Price   
    I got 3 years worth for $1 + Xbox live cost so $181 total which is $5 per month but locked in for 3 years greatest deal ever.
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to Letgomyleghoe. in Asus Maximus XII Extreme Gundam Edition   
    I'm not into gundams or whatever so maybe I don't get the whole style but thats kinda ugly. 
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to aisle9 in Intel Rocket Lake 11th gen desktop CPUs confirmed for Q1 2021   
    So releasing 14nm++++++++++++2 in Q1, then a brand new architecture on 10nm in Q3 or Q4? It's like the Pointless Lake 7000 series all over again. Why the hell would you be an early adopter for a brand new CPU knowing it'll be a generation behind in 6-9 months?
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to Caroline in Tesla charging for speed updates now...   
    I've always said Tesla is the Apple of cars but everyone told me I was dumb. Well, who's dumb now?
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to Applefreak in Chinese outlet Teclab leaks RTX 3090 benchmarks   
    Those numbers make little sense to me. Gamers Nexus did a live stream and overclocked some RTX 3080 cards on air, seeing almost the same results in Port Royal than the supposed 3090, makes me think they either had the wrong card or did something really wrong in their testing process. There is no way the performance is that bad.
    But then they would have had to use a modified 3080 driver, likely not being able to address more cores on the chip so that makes sense I guess.
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to Dredgy in Several incredibly wealthy youtubers claim covid relief funding.   
    Advertising revenue was wayyyy down during the peak of the pandemic.
    And video production is another industry that’s still largely shut down, so if they had money spent on shoots that never ended up happening or staff can’t congregate etc. There’s a lot of ways a large YouTube channel that employs multiple people could be significantly effected.
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to Rybo in Several incredibly wealthy youtubers claim covid relief funding.   
    Don't cast aspersions unless you have access to their books.  Just because someone is personally wealthy doesn't mean they can afford to keep their staff employed when their income is swiped out from under them.  
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to nick name in Several incredibly wealthy youtubers claim covid relief funding.   
    While I'm not a fan of many YouTube personalities -- we can't just assume these people aren't using that money as intended.  They may actually have support staff that they're using the money to continue paying.  But I wouldn't be surprised if they're not.  
  13. Funny
    CoffeeBlack reacted to Quinnell in "Scotland is not a real country; you are an Englishman with a dress". - Keen eyed Scotsman finds Scots Wikipedia is faked by an American Teenager   
    This is beautiful.  I'm sorry, but it's is a masterpiece.  Apparently the dude has done over 60k articles and 200k edits over several years.  Playing the long game.
  14. Funny
    CoffeeBlack reacted to rcmaehl in "Scotland is not a real country; you are an Englishman with a dress". - Keen eyed Scotsman finds Scots Wikipedia is faked by an American Teenager   
    It has been discovered the Scots version of Wikipedia with over 60,000 articles is majorly false and made by an American Teenager who can't speak it.
    My thoughts
    This is a fake Wikipedia. DEAR GOD. There's More. NOOOO. Looks like our teachers were right all along, you really can't trust Wikipedia as a reliable source. This will hopefully be a big learning moment for Wikipedia to not trust a single user and to mark pages with little edit history or contributions as potentially untrustworthy. Regardless, it looks like quite a few language software will need to completely relearn Scots and have some apologizing to do themselves.
    Gizmodo (quote source)
    The Register (additional qoutes)
    r/Scotland Reddit
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to NLamki in TikTok launches website to address allegations against the company / Aug 24: TikTok files lawsuit against US gov't   
    I have a theory, what if all of this is made up. Why? because tik tok refused to give the US government their data, so the government launches all these security threat allegations to fight tik tok as a way of punishing it..???
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to Pixel5 in TikTok launches website to address allegations against the company / Aug 24: TikTok files lawsuit against US gov't   
    they have no right to operate in the US, they are merely allowed to unless they get banned.
    All tiktok would need to do it move its headquarters and cut all ties to the CCP which they wont do cause the CCP wont allow it.
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to Arika S in Thermaltake wants to revolutionize the way how you apply Thermal Paste   
    i can see how this makes sense for MOST people. the "wasting" paste would only affect a very small number of people. the majority of people would apply paste once and then never touch it again.
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to Statik in US Considering Banning TikTok   
    While on one hand I completely agree with the sentiment of "free country, do as you wish", and people should be able to choose the apps/programs they want to use, but on the other hand, do you think that level of freedom should still take prescience, and no action should be taken when companies with direct ties to malicious, communist governments, are manipulating and taking advantage of millions of people, including millions of children?
    I'm personally a firm believer that burying malicious intent in 5000 pages of a "terms of service" is a bullshit tactic, because 99% of users have no ability or time to read that in the first place. It's purely there to take advantage of readers, and ontop of that the majority of the time, the real things they're doing aren't even stated in the TOS.
    So you think that because you're bored, the Chinese Communist Party should be allowed to harvest incredible amounts of information on you, and millions of other people (who have no idea, including children), and you should lose all rights to that information, allowing them to do with it whatever they please? Imo that ideology perfectly encapsulated how the majority of the current generation is so naive to believe that since something isn't directly ruining their life at that very second, there's nothing wrong with it and they don't care.
    While I agree with you, I also feel saying "don't fix companies like google, facebook, etc, because others will just replace it" is also a bullshit mindset. There's options to have "safe" social media, it's just hard to implement because nobody has an understanding of it, and large corporations control politics, so it's a very hard movement to begin.
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to Taf the Ghost in US Considering Banning TikTok   
    I'm surprisingly alright with this concept. Nothing of value would be lost.
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to pythonmegapixel in US Considering Banning TikTok   
    As @Ashley xD and @JoostinOnline have already said it does seem a bit hypocritical. Would this still have happened if it had still been Musical.ly, with offices in the US?
    However, I refuse to believe that TikTok is having a net positive impact on society and they seem to have a particularly lackluster approach to privacy and child protection, as well as enforcing unpleasant stereotypes and pressure.
    In other words: good riddance, but not for the claimed reason.
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to ThePointblank in US Considering Banning TikTok   
    US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has indicated that the US government is looking at banning Chinese social media apps, including TikTok, due to concerns about how Chinese social media companies are handling data about their users:
    From Reuters:
    The concerns about TikTok's handling of user data stem from the fact that they are owned by a Chinese firm, ByteDance, which was reported to have cooperated with the Chinese government in censoring and surveilling content pertaining to a number of sensitive topics for Beijing, along with the concerns about Chinese law requiring Chinese companies to assist the government in data collection efforts.
    Due to these concerns, the app is banned from use on all US and Australian government devices, because of the risk of spying.
    The app, TikTok was also fined last year by the FTC for violating child privacy protection laws in the US as well.
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to PlayStation 2 in YouTube is deleting comments with two phrases that insult China’s Communist Party   
    Daily reminder that China's government can rot in hell
  23. Funny
    CoffeeBlack reacted to williamcll in As much as four Bridgestone tires - Mac Pro wheels delivering now   
    Wolffy on Weibo got his hands on the kit after place an order sometime ago.

    Source: https://www.weibo.com/1645032175/IDRVH3rWz
    Thoughts: Why would anyone do this other than for fun. Can't wait for Linus' review for this one.
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to Medicate in HEY GUYS, THIS IS THE FIRST LOOK INSIDE THE XBOX SERIES X   
    This thing can't be cheap. It's faster than most people's PCs right now.
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    CoffeeBlack reacted to HarryNyquist in EA is banning Linux Gamers in Battlefield 5   
    > not officially supported on Linux
    > hacks to make it work on Linux
    > banned for hacking
    Seems legit to me.