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  1. Thanks! This helps me on the windows activation front. But regarding the clean install, Is that the best way, then move everything from my current RAID array to a portable drive and move over?
  2. Hey Everyone, Sorry if this is in the wrong sub-forum, not 100% sure. Please report or move if not. I'm upgrading from my old Z79 platform to a new X570 platform. New CPU, MOBO, RAM, and Storage/Boot Drive. I've never done anything like this before. Is anyone able to walk me through the best way to do this. My current setup is a on a RAID 0 array and my new setup will be NVME. Will I need to reactive Windows and what's the best way to migrate my boot array to the new NVME SSD?
  3. They are in market cap, not in production numbers. Their paper value is what makes them the 2nd biggest.
  4. Yeah, you need to maybe educate yourself a little more on the subject before making comments like this.
  5. Anyone stupid enough to run out of gas deserves to push their car. (Speaking only for the US) There are gas stations in almost every town in the country. If you decided not to stop at one because you thought that you could make it to the next one, it's your own damn fault you don't make.
  6. We agree on half of this. Newegg cannot charge sales tax for CT. It's just not how state sales tax works with an out-of-state entity. They are not responsible to know state sales tax in CT and wouldn't be able to pay it if they wanted to. It's not a matter of them not wanting to, it's a matter of what they can't do. They would need to create a physical location in CT with CT employees to do this. They should not have passed on the information without federal court order, not a CT court order, but a federal court order.
  7. So not Newegg, but every single online retailer without a presence in your state? Because no online retailer does this and are not responsible for it. If they should be responsible for it, legislation needs to make it so. It's 100% not their job to inform you of your state's tax laws when they do not have an office or any employees in your state. The four states that they mention, and only those four, have legislation in place that make Newegg have that disclaimer. Because they are not responsible for state sales tax in a state that they have no presence in. They
  8. The bolded is very incorrect. You're now trying to argue a point with me that I conceded in my very first post. I said that Newegg should not have turned over the sales data. I said they're not innocent, you're just trying to look like you weren't proved wrong on the tax points. including any tax costs associated with it. NO Thats not how USA Tax Works there's still no way to input the correct tax amount in Newegg's checkout process. Because THATS also not how it works, They dont charge tax because they are not set u
  9. It is not Newegg's responsibility to teach you tax code. Use tax isn't new and didn't appear overnight. Willful ignorance isn't an excuse to blame others for your tax error.
  10. This is 100% wrong. Why should Newegg pay for their customer's willful tax evasion.
  11. The amount of misinformation and incorrect assumptions in this thread are astounding. If you live in the United States and don't pay use tax, it's your fault, not Newegg's. Every state in the US that has a general sales tax, has a use tax. It's not new, it's not a surprise (unless you're completely ignorant to what you're doing when you file taxes). Companies shipping from out of state are not responsible for collecting a state tax in which they do not have a physical presence. So the states have a use tax so they can collect the tax they're owed on purchases made online by their residents. I
  12. I don't see this happening, but if by some miracle it did, I'd be incredibly sad.
  13. I still have my Note 7. I was planning on trading it in soon anyway though since I'm flying to Europe. There is literally no other phone on the market that I want though.
  14. It just depends on which side of politics you're on. I'm white and upper-middle class, as are most people that I know, and he's made things worse for us. But he's helped minorities and poorer people. So it all depends on your own circumstances. I pay more in taxes and my health insurance premium has doubled. I know many self-employed people who have had to drop their health insurance altogether because of the massive premium hikes to cover other people's insurance. Luckily, my employer pays the majority of my premium. I don't like him at all but I can see why there are
  15. He didn't say a single thing about his work. How do you know that Orangator doesn't work two jobs? Your post makes no sense and wreaks of entitlement.
  16. A massive majority of wired mice do not have detachable cables. Also, most of the ones that do, don't have standard micro-usb ports. I don't really care that they're all type c, but people will need to buy and use dongles, adapters etc.
  17. As if iPhones weren't already oversized for their screen real estate, you have to more than double the size of the chin to add a feature it should already have.
  18. Logan and pistol are textbook narcissists. Their general douchebaggery is what's always kept me from being a member of the TS community. I've never met anyone who loves the sound of their own voice more than it would appear logan does.
  19. I only make about 80k USD a year and my credit card limits combined are about 70k.
  20. Not a very good comparison. Model T wasn't even close to a first gen car. Cars were pretty refined for the technology level at that point. What was a first gen product was the model T assembly line.
  21. They wouldn't go anywhere because you can't disengage park without depressing the brake pedal.
  22. They've moved to IndieGoGo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-skarp-laser-razor-21st-century-shaving#/ Edit: Since they've basically started over there, it looks like all of the super cheap early bird specials are available again.
  23. I don't see anything wrong with philanthropists taking care of major world issues so the dumbasses in office have less to worry about. And you know, as well as I do, that a campaign exposing politicians wouldn't accomplish anything. Most people already know that politicians are scumbags. And one campaign isn't going to change politician's behavior after millenia of being scumbags.