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    12 GB Kingston value ram
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    2 120GB SSD from kingston and 1TB Barracuda HDD
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  1. I just saw it go 1.43v playing fornite, should I worry? PBO disabled, everything in auto/default settings
  2. ok, I disabled it and now these are the voltages, it peaked around 1.38v is that safe still? it didnt boost past 4.0ghz all core and lost about 15 points in the score but I guess that is not noticeable
  3. at idle while only using this browser it stays around 1.0v but when I launch some program it goes up to 1.38v here I was running the GTA V benchmark, with 1.43324 average, I do have PBO enabled BUT the voltages were the same before enabling it ( I did enable it on the bios and saw no performance gain on cinebench, so I guess it did nothing)
  4. those are the voltages that im worried about, all core load at 1.433 without me touching any voltage setting
  5. I'm looking for a guide on how to use the technologies on the title of the post or a how to overclock a ryzen 5 3600. I know it wont get that far but I want the most performance out of it(4,2ghz or 4,3ghz all core). From what I have read and watched some people use PBO + XFR or auto OC but I dont know how to. I followed a bullzoid video on how to enable PBO from the bios and set the limits manually but thats about it. Anthony of LTT has a video on it but he uses ryzen master too fast and I dont really get it. Ive read some people saying that ryzen master is garbage or that its better to do bio
  6. where did you find out how many amps are capable? . thanks btw to both of you that I quoted, if both ryzen 5 3600 and ryzen 7 2700 are both rated for 65w TDP how do you know how it will perform? I mean what I get is that one is 8 core with older manufacturing process/architecture but if tdp is the same which spec can I use to determine that? vcore or something like that? would it be worth it performance wise to save a little bit more and buy the ASUS prime x570p at 240$ ? that is available too but I figured I didnt need the features of x570 (it has a much better vrm
  7. thats the thing, I would use a hyper 212x or a corsair AIO since I have both lying around would it be fine still?
  8. If I buy hyperx fury modules advertised for 2666mhz with no other profiles mentioned on the manufacturer website, how possible is to overclock this ram to 3200 or 3600 mhz?
  9. There is currently a shortage of motherboards in my country so I have limited options. I looked up for the bullzoid / gamers nexus b450 motherboard roundup and the only one that is available for me to buy is the AORUS B450 M, that being said its the bottom tier the "it could be worse" according to this review 27:45 its important to mention that in my country the motherboard prices are basically double or more the US price , for the aorus board the price is around 150$. Im also on a tight budget . My other available options to buy are the following:
  10. Doom eternal, GTA V, Fornite, the division two (this last two games are the ones with the occasional frame drops) and I want to play Forza and Need for speed heat
  11. Hi! I have been thinking about upgrading my i7 3770 system it has an rx 580 and I'm starting to feel the .1% lows fps drops. If I only plan to upgrade the cpu/mobo/ram and not the gpu woud it be worth it? Also, should I wait for b550? or just buy a x570 board right now
  12. this is very informative, I can relate to it with some experiences but never thought about it that way. Thanks
  13. it doesnt let me get into the bios settings. I had another board of the same socket and I transfered everything to the new board but I have the exact same issue. Boot loop-No BIOS access.. Tomorrow I will check to see if my cpu died or maybe one of the 4 ram sticks edit: I have 4 cpus of the same socket so i guess it wont be that hard
  14. there is nothing related to the issues on the manual or website https://download1.gigabyte.com/Files/Manual/mb_manual_ga-b75m-d3h_v1.1_e.pdf its and old mobo but I have been using it for 11 months, I opened the box last year, it was new