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Status Updates posted by mrchow19910319

  1. People from the west on reddit complaining about their government being inefficient and slow and this and that.

    Me coming from mainland china : " you so say we are about the same?? "

  2. is the universe trying to tell me something??? 



  3. I freaking love XFCE. 

    1. MEC-777


      Yeah, it's pretty awesome. :)

  4. so many online note taking applications yet most of them are either to bloated or straight up grabage... 


    I guess I am just too cheap to pay for any of them.



    Matt Ross is such a great actor.. 

  6. Doctor: "Sir, I'm afraid your DNA is backwards." Me: "And?"

  7. A man just assaulted me with milk, cream and butter. How dairy.

  8. you know you are getting old when one morning of web browsing actually makes you tired. LOL 



  9. so if I am right... the ryzen 5 3600 is basically a i7 8700?? is it ? 

    1. minibois
    2. FloRolf


      Well, the Ryzen can be OC'ed, albeit not by much. 

  10. Guys I have a confession to make. 


    > I make some stupid meme then I keep on checking it online and laughing at it... 

    1. minibois


      it's all about those up arrows, releases the endorphins 

    2. seee the state im in nooow

      seee the state im in nooow

      > me every time i make a post/comment

  11. i swear im gonna unsub from LTT's channel if Linus keeps introducing his sponsors like this.. 

    1. MEC-777
    2. Spotty


      *laughs in floatplane*

  12. i customize my linux machine till I got all sort of issues, then I got fed up, then I re-install the whole system, then I started customizing again.


    rinse and repeat ... 


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. mrchow19910319


      holy shit. did you post this on reddit sometime earlier? I saw it on unixporn

    3. MEC-777
    4. mrchow19910319


      fuck. actually met someone here whos also on reddit... 


      hope yo udont happened  to know my username there. LOL

  13. whats the best place to download android APK???

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    2. Luke Shaw

      Luke Shaw

      Oh. First time I knew that Google Play isn't available in China. Some alternative sites that you can download Android applications are apktovi or topapkdownload. I've downloaded apps several times, no problems occur.

  14. *me after just did a fresh install of Windows 10 on my laptop for 4 hours 



    ------------"Hmmmm maybe it is time for me to try to install linux on it. "

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    2. FloRolf


      I totally recommend external ssd's. I'm using one for windows installs and it's literally 15minutes now. 

      Back in the days when I installed with CD's you could not even see the copying files bar move, now it takes 10 seconds, lol. 

    3. mrchow19910319


      @FloRolf  I actually just finished creating a USB stick, now gonna do it again just for the speed ? 



    4. MEC-777


      Even on an HDD, you can install Linux and be fully updated and up and running within minutes. Windows just plain sucks. lol

  15. I am getting a thinkpad E495. I am really excited for this little machine I bought.


    Do you guys have any tips when it comes to thinkpad/ryzen laptop?


    I heard RyzenAdj can be used to change the power limit of the chip. 





    see the comment section of this article:  https://www.notebookcheck.net/Lenovo-ThinkPad-E495-Laptop-Review-Inexpensive-office-device-with-a-lot-of-power-but-without-keyboard-illumination.434877.0.html



     also when it comes to memory handicapping what should I do about it?? get another stick?? Or change all the memory chips all together. (I assume duo channel is good for AMD ryzen chips)

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    2. MEC-777


      Ah, nice! :) Might be worth checking which games you play as most now run in Linux quite smoothly with Proton in Steam and Lutris.

      As for the ram, first find out if it's a single stick or already dual-channel. If single, then yes, it's best to match what's there. If it's already dual channel, then no upgrade needed (unless you want/need more ram).

    3. MEC-777


      @Kaloob Yeah, but I don't like Windows.

  16. What FPS game should I buy to play in Singapore server. A lot of games have dead Asia server. 

    1. FloRolf


      Does PUBG count because I think it's huge in Asia. 

  17. @VegetableStu


    dude.. where can I get a gaming monitor. 144Hz 1080p one. 


    I am seeing a lot of models and the prices are all over the place.


    are you using one right now? if so, in sg where to get is better?? courts? challenger? or sim lim.

    1. seee the state im in nooow

      seee the state im in nooow

      not really sure on this ,_, i got my current Dell monitor (and Wacom Cintiq actually) from one of the IT shows on old stock clearance discount some time back


      this one might take a bit more firsthand price monitoring than usual. Courts, Harvey Norman, Challenger.

  18. @VegetableStu  where can I get some high end sff case in Singapore? 


    is sim lim square my only choice??

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mrchow19910319


      @VegetableStu  i got a SG 13, I think this will do for now. later this year maybe a more premium case will be purchased. 

    3. seee the state im in nooow

      seee the state im in nooow

      yeah the more "famous" ones usually needs to be bought and shipped from elsewhere ,_, also a few garage-kit cases from taobao

    4. TVwazhere


      SG13 is honestly great for it's price, size and cooling potential

  19. I wish I could see more thanos in End Game.

    1. seee the state im in nooow

      seee the state im in nooow

      a Netflix series would be interesting o_o

  20. I think I am going to re watch the office again. 

  21. you knew that there is 0 chance of being with someone, but the moment you saw her recent photo your heart still races like 100 miles per hour



    wtf is wrong with human emotion...

    1. Hiya!


      Its just a chemical reaction that happens in our brains, its not love..its the brain playing trick on us.


      Ok jk..

      Welp you're attracted to her..that's normal it happened to all of us.


      Do something about it, if you can..and fully prepared for it.

    2. mrchow19910319




      yeah. I think that she sees me as a friend only. I think that I am just gonna let it go.

    3. Hiya!


      As you wish, just don't regret your decision

  22. This is the 5th year that I went back to China and right now I felt that I might have to admit the fact that I may never going back to Singapore again. The ship had sailed. I tried my 120% when I was there to not just study, but fit in. Now when I am back, my once advantage is now my obstacle. I speak Chinese alright but reading and writing was almost pooping bad. And people here still have the same old communist mindset about almost everything. Being polite is weakness. Helping others means you are a creep or you just wait for other people to take advantage of you. If you have money and social status then you better yell at everyone around you otherwise what's the point. "We love the west, but fuck everything I don't understand." 


    And I think I have to admit that for whatever reason, this is my end game. Having false hope is always a detrimental to yourself.


    My dad used to live another city when he was young, and he went back to hometown, gave up a lot of opportunities because his parents forced him to. And he had been really unhappy for almost 2 decades. He doesn't even know it. I am honestly really lost. I don't want to end up being like my dad. What should I do. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. mrchow19910319


      if you still have a lot of friends back home, going back is a pretty solid choice.

    3. seee the state im in nooow

      seee the state im in nooow

      yeah... although not sure if mine will still be there if i hit rock bottom

      (i mean i don't demand that they do, lol)

    4. mrchow19910319


      that's a good mindset. I am still trying to get enough courage to see all of my old friends.


      most of them have jobs, steady incomes, I was sick for a few years and I dont know. Kind of embarrassing to see them again.


  23. uploading to icloud drive will use as much as 100% of CPU on a duo core 2018 macbook pro. #webdev #macOS #rant

  24. RXnH1OCKSaxOJgiJL9x6niM2ZtDdnQG2GmJf9U3aF0Y.jpg.92893b5f76ff568543b7a03a5fc9b50b.jpg