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  1. How should I know which component is defective? I was thinking to replace the component myself if possible to fix it.. Oh, will try it out later and see if it fixes it.
  2. Have a gtx1070ti gpu, motherboard wasn't able to detect the gpu in bios. Tried removing cmos, changing the gpu to different pcie slot, insert the gpu to different computer, adjust the gpu to ensure the gpu is well connected with the pcie slot and reseting bios to default value. None of them work. However when I plug my old gpu GTX650, my motherboard is able to detect the old gpu being plugged in to the pcie slot. The gtx1070ti fans are spinning with RGB on when I turn on the pc as well. Just that not sure why the motherboard is unable to detect the gpu in the pcie slot. Edit: the gtx1070
  3. Will Load balancer solve this problem?
  4. What if I change to 8 servers only?
  5. Hi guys, I want to know is the internet speed from the Internet Exchange is controlled by the port speed or the bandwidth management? If I have a 10Gb speed from them, and distributes it to 25 servers (every server holds 400 users) and each user must have 1Gb connection. My company has a very big project and I'm askimg is this possible. Bassically, it means like I seperate a 10Gb connection to 10,000 users and every users will be enjoying 1Gb speed. Somehow, I think this is bottleneck. Update: Ok, then I will distribute it to only 8 servers.
  6. So should I use low noise spliter or high power spliter
  7. Will the signal affect the speed? Because I'm not going to provide Cable TV service as it will cause noises.
  8. Hi guys, I want to run a small cable ISP. I want to know how many times can I split a coaxial cable? I want to supply 15mbps for every user and I'm going to use RG-6U cable. I want to split a coxial cable to 200 houses. Is it possible? Do I need any low noise amplifier?
  9. Hi guys, I want to know how much bandwidth one Cat 6 cable can transfer? I have two fiber ISP as my backbone and I combine them together using load balancing to get 90mbps speed. My company's building has 8 floors and there are almost 20 ports in each floor. So I am consider to link each floor with one Cat 6 cable and every ports will have a speed of 10mbps. So is it possible every single port can has 10mbps speed?
  10. How if I seperate one from one router to two or three router? I mean I have one router for each internet backbone but how if I buy some more routers so that they can support more computers and tasks without facing slow speed issue.
  11. I mean I have 100mbps connection by 2 fiber ISP as my backbone.
  12. Hi guys, I have one router right now and wanted to create private network for own business uses. I changed my dhcp gateway and ip addresses but it still doesn't work. e.g, I can see my public ip address on google,I changed everything in my dhcp pool. My computer then assigned the IP address that I had set in my router's dhcp pool. But then when I check on google again,it shows my public ip address again. Second question: I got 100mbps fiber internet but if I got 350 computers are connecting to the router using switches, will every computer get like 5-10mbps speed? Because it is fiber and