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  1. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but a question. What monitors are those?
  2. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but a question. What monitors are those?
  3. Alright. Thank you for the advice. That’s something that wouldn’t cross my mind to do :P. Thank you for the advice I’ll try that first on Tuesday.
  4. Thank you for the response. I bought the graphics card from bhvideophoto.com. So, are you saying to give them a call and see if I can get a replacement? It’s a video card from February 2016 (way past 30 days from purchase date :P). What should I ask them? How is it possible to get a replacement?
  5. Well, I was going to do that on Tuesday. This is my first gaming rig, so I don’t know what to expect from contacting MSI and RMAing a product. That is why I asked to see if I can see if I’m going to have a hard time with them. I don't know if they are going to replace it or fix it and how long it will take from them to do it.
  6. Happy New Years! I have a few questions about the warranties for MSI graphics cards. Does anybody know what the warranty for MSI graphics cards? I have a GTX 980 TI I bought in February 2016 and now I'm having major issues with the graphics cards. 2/3 of the display ports have issues (it's flickering with one of my monitors and/or going completely off and then turns on). I narrowed it down to my graphics card by test it, the monitors I have, and a new DP cable. I use a dual monitor set up for school work (and gaming when I'm on break). What is the warranty does MSI have? It
  7. Thanx for the input. I'm not really interested in 4k just yet. Maybe in four or five years when I update my entire PC, I'll get 4K (assuming 4K is still around and not replaced with a higher resolution). This PC will be used as a living room PC when I move out of my apartment and into a house. It's not worth it to me to update my graphics card yet for 4K.
  8. Hey everybody. Hope all is well. I was wondering, I'm thinking of upgrading one of my monitors and need some advice. I currently have an ASUS VG24QE and ASUS PA24Q. I am planning to replace the VG24QE with the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q. I have a GTX 980 TI (Current rig: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/LvWD4D 1. What kind of frame rates can I expect from current games (if played on 1440p most likely maxed up graphics)? If there are benchmarks I can look at, can I get the links benchmarks? 2. With my current setup, I'm having issues playing games on full screen mode (they don't have the option
  9. Hi everybody. Hope all is well. I am thinking about doing a career change and I am interested in software engineering. I do have a few questions about this career option. I have no experience programming. I just watched a few videos on youtube (on MIT’s channel) and really found it interesting. I’m currently in my late 20s and want to go back to school. I currently work for Walgreens so I have to ask them if there is a way I can get transferred from the retail space to the IT space of Walgreens, so that should be an interesting conversation I’ll have with my boss. I currently hav
  10. Does anybody know how long the offer is valid for? I'm thinking about getting a new laptop for school.
  11. Thank for the advice but i figured it out. Thanx!
  12. Good evening. Hope everything is well. I don’t know if this belongs in this subforum or not. Here is what I need help with. Recently I bought a Component to HDMI converter (http://www.ebay.com/itm/221919997824?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AITf) and a and HDMI switcher (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/934584-REG/iogear_ghsw8181_avior_4_port_hd_audio.html) When I plug in my original xbox to the converter then the convertor to the switch. From there to the my monitor (VG248QE). When I turn on my xbox, the power button flashes from orange
  13. Nevermind. I think I have figured it out using my speaker system. Thanx :).