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    HamsterBurglar reacted to bgibbz in Which GPU should I get?   
    Quadro is best for encoding and streaming.
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    HamsterBurglar got a reaction from Enderman in Zenbook Pro UX501 vs. XPS 15   
    As someone who owns the XPS 15, I agree. The new XPS 15 is really great, and the battery life is incredible. My only complaint is the trackpad, which they have not totally fixed from previous models. In previous models it tended to get very mushy and somewhat unresponsive after about six months of solid use.
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    HamsterBurglar reacted to TheRandomness in Galax vs EVGA vs Gigabyte GTX 960   
    An R9 380 from everyone except Gigabyte and AMD because the 380 performs up to 15% better and usually costs less.
    To answer your question: EVGA because I've heard only good about them.
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    HamsterBurglar got a reaction from Yorgos in Galax vs EVGA vs Gigabyte GTX 960   
    Oops, my bad. I meant 960. Typo!
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    HamsterBurglar reacted to Raspharus in i7 necessary for VR?   
    I'd rather be skeptical. Even if it does become a huge part of gaming, I will still use a monitor nevertheless due to eyesight problems.
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    HamsterBurglar got a reaction from Bigheart in Engineering Laptop for College   
    I too am going to college in the fall for engineering, and have been looking at similar choices, so I'll share what I've found with you. The first option I found was getting a Blade Stealth. It has an i7, long battery life, and is ultra portable. Along with that I have considered getting a Razer Core so that I could do things like game do 3D modeling with no problem whatsoever(the i7 will handle most 3D modeling applications with no problems at all). There are other options, like an XPS 15 with the 960m, which is a great laptop, although it runs a little hot. The P40 is a good laptop, but is pretty expensive for the hardware included.
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    HamsterBurglar reacted to KSores in can i oc a i3 with a ASRock H170M-ITX/DL Mini ITX LGA1151 Motherboard?   
    is this build good for me and my friends to use as a minecraft server?