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  1. See i was thinking something like that, but in Euros not dollars. I dont understand the european tech market it's completely all over the shop.
  2. Hi, i have a computer i built, tinkered with and over all put effort into, however i dont have time for it anymore and will be moving soon hopefully. Anyway i was hoping for some people to suggest a fair price for what I'm offering, i dont want to overprice it due to my bias towards it and its value to me as a whole. I also dont want to underprice it obviously, tell me what you think is fair, I'll list parts below. For reference im in the european market area. Thanks in advance. Chassis - Corsair air 740. Fans - 6 chromax fans from noctua Cpu Cooler - NZXT kraken x62 Ra
  3. D5 it is then so, noise is a no no for me, hense the interest in the gtx radiators to begin with
  4. See ive heard ddc is better for restrictive situation and has more pressure but i also heard that theyre louder and produce a whine, having owned neither i cant judge, if i could keep a ddc cool would it be better than a d5? Would i lose much flow rate? Curious about this now. Thanks again
  5. Thanks for that, summed it up very well in a clean a quick response that made sense. However being that the gtr has lower restriction in the coolant flow, wouldnt that mean i could run the pump at a lower speed than the gtx? Perhaps im need to look a little more into pumps now?
  6. So i was just wondering about the difference between hardwarelabs nemesis gtx and gtr radiators. What's the difference? When should i use one over the other? I am a complete watercooling noob, however wanted to do a project in near future maybe and im curious, any better radiators out there? I'd most likely go with 140mm variant just because i already have a bunch noctua chromax 140 fans. Anyway whats the difference between the two? if anyone could explain? Thanks
  7. Yeh its nothing new, just havnt needed to upgrade just yet.
  8. Thanks, been helpful. I think ill do this. Just need to get some anti static bags i guess.
  9. Would i leave the ram in the motherboard?
  10. Maybe bubble wrap and put it in overhead cabinbag in the plane?
  11. I just need to take the gpu, motherboard, ram,cpu, power supply and ssd. Ive got new case here and cpu cooler
  12. What about the baggage handler throwing it around ect?
  13. Well i need to get a plane from ireland to england. Thats the trouble. Any ideas?