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  1. They have updated F@H client to support Cuda now. My 2080 super is running 3.4m right now. Not sure how that translates to the other GPUs but I guess we will see that soon.
  2. This one https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/msi-rtx-2080-super-ventus-oc.b7201 just a copy pasta from GPU-Z Lookup button.
  3. Hello, While trying to run folding@home I noticed that my overclocks are different. The weird thing is Folding doesn't seem to be the issue. I will add 2 images showing it. The card runs at 7500MHz default but somehow in games it adds 250MHz extra on the memory clock. This causes instability in the worst case as I have seen. Is there any way to fix this? Note that the core frequency goes a lot higher on a more stressful game. Thanks you
  4. How do they expect the client to send back info with no collection server? Also this workload is extremely heavy. It takes 20 seconds to save the 5% snapshots. 3.7M points so far. Should be getting over 4M soon. Yeah so my CPU looks like this in the period where my GPU is sitting idle.
  5. I have 2 separate computers running F@H but only 1 of them gets a work order at a time. Is this normal or what? I am using the same identity and passkey.
  6. It was using 87% cpu and task manager showed non of them were doing 100% they were all doing this up and down thing at 80-95%. When I disabled 4 cores that usage went to 100% on every selected thread.
  7. Funny that you say that, I was actually seeing weirdness on my 3900x when running 24t. I went into task manager and turned off 4 and that went away. So I think you might be correct here.
  8. Well yes I have a 3900x but no its not using 93% on that. That is only doing 6% or 1 core. The GPU core is sitting at 93% not 99% idk why.
  9. Probably because I paused it twice and I am only running GPU. Also its only using 93% core for some reason. Its 256k/d now.
  10. RTX 2080 Super sitting at 250k/d right now. Though it took a random project as they ran out of projects when it started. Its running project 14310 atm.
  11. Ordered it the date of release. Well technically a day later since EU times ?. It arrived the 18th, 10 days after ordering. Lucky I guess. You are right though I have been hearing a lot of stories about processor stock being awful.
  12. My 3900x likes to request 1.5v stock bios settings. Temperatures spike to 95 celcius and it runs at 3.95-4.025GHz. Decided to take a look at voltages and max boost clocks and found that it can run stable at 4.3GHz all core at 1.275v LLC maxed. Temps never go above 90c now. Pretty sure I could lower the voltage slightly. I will say that I did a poor job on applying my thermal paste but I cant exactly redo it right now as I don't have more. Once I get my thermals under control I don't think 4.4GHz is that far off. I greatly undervolted the SOC too as it seemed to make a difference in t
  13. I want this SSD because I keep giving my spare SSDs away to people in need. (To my mom and grandma.)
  14. username: darkjacky This one is awesome. https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 and this one is interesting. https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf
  15. Ok, I must admit that I did not think this was possible. That small pc having so much power. WOW just WOW. I can certainly use it so I'm in. Good luck everyone.