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  1. Have gotten conflicting information. Some say the fan clip is for a XT140.
  2. He is talking about the R1 Ultimate. One of the fans was hanging over the ram slots blocking his ram so he took that fan off until he could take off the heatspreaders
  3. Agreed, that would be like moving up to a dual tower cooler.
  4. 1.285 vcore and 4.2ghz cache just on auto voltage. Cache never really made a difference to performance so I just set it a bit higher and it's fine. I'm stable on this set up.
  5. Yeah money really isn't much of an issue as the money I will be getting from selling the RMA cooler wasn't expected in the first place and $16 for a few degrees cooling isn't a problem with me. I'll probably end up buying some more Corsair SP140s to put in the front of my case
  6. Just had a quick question. Since my H115i failed I don't think that I want to go with watercooling anymore and probably shouldn't have from the start. The highest core temp I see on a core is 75C with a 4.7Ghz OC 4790k. How much can I expect this to drop if I add another XF140 fan? I fully don't expect much but I don't mind buying another if I see a 2-3C difference.
  7. I still have my Cryorig H5 Ultimate so I can use that. This fucking sucks.
  8. Yeah that's what I thought. Corsair link still reports it as the same pump speed as usual and I don't hear any off noises but I probably fried the pump.
  9. So I turned my PC off last night and the power button must've gotten caught in side the case holding it down which clears CMOS. So it would turn off, turn back on spinning up fans a bit and clear CMOS and then turn off again. I didn't notice until just now. I reset my overclocks to the exact same as before and now I hit 100c under load and idles are much higher. What could've happened? 4790k cooled by a H115i. Edit: Uninstalled the H115i and reinstalled my Cryorig H5 Ultimate. Temps are now better at full load still overclocked than when my H115i was working "properly". So, I thin
  10. $900 seems a little low for the PC with all peripherals. Are you talking about just the PC itself?
  11. Hey thanks for the help man! I was thinking around $1200 but I just wanted some other opinions.
  12. I built it in April and just didn't get the use out of it that I thought I would. It's got less than 50hrs use on it except the 980 which was my original main card. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/2krHqk. Everything listed will be sold. Sorry if this post doesn't completely fit, I just find this community to be the most helpful and responsive.
  13. Sorry for the probably extremely dumb question. I want to run just one Ethernet cable to my room with my 4k tv and steam link. From my research, a switch would be the correct item but is there something I'm missing? Both will be used independently and never at the same time. Will I get the same speed from the switch as opposed to direct Ethernet?