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  1. I live on my own in the middle of the countryside, It gets REALLY quiet.
  2. So my Corsair RM1000i has, AFAIK, Started to develop coil whine, Only started around 1 month ago, Not noticeable during the day but when it gets quiet at night any movement with the mouse, Scrolling pages etc... and I can hear it albeit very faintly, I thought it was the GPU at first so I unplugged my 1080 Ti and used the 9900K's iGPU, Same exact sound. This is what it sounds like, Amplified a little to make it more obvious, Sounds like a tiny cricket or grass hopper even when just sat at the desktop doing nothing but moving the mouse cursor, If there is zero onscreen activity there is no s
  3. So I'm eyeing up getting the 9900K simply because I play at 1080P with a high refresh rate monitor, Although Ryzen 3000 is good Intel still rules the roost in that specific scenario, BUT.... I've been reading of Intels upcoming i9 10 core desktop CPU, Should I wait it out or just buy now and upgrade again next year ?
  4. Linus did you enable 10bpc in the Nvidia control panel ? As I think that's maybe why you thought this monitor was only 8bit. Friend of mine bought this last week and it gives him the option between 8bpc and 10bpc. Oh and also you didn't mention that it's quantum dot.
  5. I shall now call you audio maestro from now on as you seem to answer all my audio questions :-)
  6. Got a chance at getting a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770's for really cheap from a local store as they are having a clearance sale, They are the 80 Ohm version. They also have the 250 Ohm version but they cost $20 more, Is it worth spending the extra or would it make no real difference to audio quality ? They will be powered from an external AMP/DAC, The SMSL M3. Again, N00b question
  7. Interesting, Thanks for the info.
  8. I'm curious, If human hearing only goes to a max of 20KHz why do headphones have a range far higher ? Is it just marketing jargon to get people to buy or does it actually serve a purpose ?
  9. So I bought myself some Phillips Fidelio X2's as I tried them out at a friends house and they were sublime, Now I am a complete novice when it comes to audio specs so need some help. I'm looking at getting an external AMP/DAC but not the same as my friends one as that thing cost £800 so that's a no go from me. I was looking at the Fiio E10K and noticed on the specs that the frequency response range is 20Hz to 20KHz yet the headphone frequency is 5 - 40000 Hz. Does that mean the headphones will only be able to operate with that 20Hz to 20KHz range or is that
  10. Around the launch of the Mad Max game I got a track that was Mad Max based, I got it from a random forum thread somewhere other than here and I cannot for the life of me track down the original. Has anyone heard this track before ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVlAZGYSI5U&index=1&list=PL5GaOSaI2jCLzc2_HlNNWgpLq74aa1gT8
  11. First screw came off easily, 2nd one seems to be welded in and can't get it out.
  12. As I'm looking for a good software editing suite for some video editing relating to my work I'm trying out various suites and I've settled on Adobe PP for the moment. Now I will be doing the monthly Creative Cloud subscription model once I've made my mind up but the only thing I'm curious about is updating the trial. Now it says there are updates available but would this impact the trial at all and force me to pay immediately, End the trial outright or would it just keep ticking down the amount of days left as normal once the update is done ? Thanks in advance for any information
  13. I don't mind paying for a user friendly version if that helps in the recommendations