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  1. Funny
    Allshevski reacted to InfinityVive in Why is "Roblox" so damn easy?   
    So today I have started playing a game called "Roblox" And well, Everyone in it is a 0 Skill Player, Even the folks that state they have played for years, I literally overtook everyone in it from day one, So why is everyone in Roblox so bad at aiming and playing?
  2. Agree
    Allshevski reacted to Constantin in Airflow Help for Meshify C   
    Totally fine!!!
  3. Agree
    Allshevski reacted to 5x5 in PC restarts without any indication   
    A damaged fan could be tripping SCP. Try without them. 
  4. Agree
    Allshevski reacted to Flying Sausages in I have a bit of a weird question about AIOs   
    It can last a few years. Air cooler last longer than AIO. Go with air cooler, man.
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    Allshevski got a reaction from Turtle Rig in What is going on with my PC?   
    When in doubt, update BIOS, I don't know how it would help, but it's a simple thing to do, and solves a lot of motherboard related issues.
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    Allshevski reacted to Hugs12343 in Best time to buy a phone?   
    if you can afford to buy new generation it is probably worth it as long as you don't smash your phone to bits when you get it because it should last you at least 3 - 4 years. But more like 5 or 6. If you are looking for a cheaper option, wait until the new generation comes out and get the old generation beacause it will still have decent specs and features just not quite as good as the brand new stuff. Also an advantage with going with old stuff is that you know that it will work. Remember note 7.
  7. Agree
    Allshevski reacted to Oshino Shinobu in Best time to buy a phone?   
    New phone releases are always just around the corner, so if you wait for the next thing, you'll just want to wait for the next and then the next and get stuck in a loop. 
    I'd advise waiting until a sale period such as Christmas or just after, in the January sales and see what's around at that time. 
  8. Funny
    Allshevski got a reaction from DexterSmythe in Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?   
    - Spilled orange juice on my GPU
    - Decided to take the backplate off to clean back of the PCB and the plate itself
    - Was too lazy to get a proper screwdriver
    - Opened it and found some more screws holding it in place
    - Stripped the last screw head
    - Tried to unscrew it anyway
    - The screwdriver slipped and broke the 6 pin port
    - Tried to calm down and at least change the thermal paste
    - Did it wrong
    - Put everything back
    - Turned on the PC and everything worked
    - But temps are 5 degrees hotter
    - And his warranty is now void
    - And has broken 6 pin slot
    - And FurMark crashes so had to revert his overclock
    - And I have just done all of this.
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    Allshevski reacted to MorganO in Curious if it exists.   
    tried 3d printinG?
  10. Agree
    Allshevski got a reaction from Theminecraftaddict555 in (POLL) So about controllers affecting someone's gameplay   
    "Do third party controllers affect your gameplay" would be helpful. I'm so confused right now.
  11. Agree
    Allshevski got a reaction from Tibbles in Built my self a "lapdog"   
    put soft foam under it with piece of cloth wrapped around, also buy extended or XXL mousepad and it will be good. Cutout for the keyboard would be also nice.
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    Allshevski reacted to maremp in Are cheap fans good enough   
    Because noctua fans are so notorious for their good looks. 
  13. Agree
    Allshevski reacted to Alexcalibur in Put Silent Wings 2 PWM on Amd Fx 4100 Stock cooler   
    just get a different cooler, the stock cooler is crap
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    Allshevski reacted to WoodenMarker in Noctua low noise adapters help   
    LNA only lowers the fan speed. They're included in case the user doesn't have a method of lowering the fan speed.
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    Allshevski reacted to User1868 in Using an HDD as an Boot Drive   
    Of course you can, just don't forget to format it before installing (you will lose all the data on the hard drive)
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    Allshevski got a reaction from User1868 in Using an HDD as an Boot Drive   
    Why not, 90% of PCs use that (maybe more or less, IDK as SSDs are quite popular now). But it depends if it uses that wide IDE ribbon cable or SATA. If your motherboard doesn't support IDE you may have a problem.
  17. Agree
    Allshevski reacted to ShadowCaptain in Using an HDD as an Boot Drive   
    obviously? haha its a hard drive, thats basically their purpose
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    Allshevski reacted to Nacho Marco Segui in Dad's New Computer   
    You can surf the web with a pentium...
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    Allshevski reacted to Nacho Marco Segui in Dad's New Computer   
  20. Agree
    Allshevski reacted to manikyath in Cpu overheating   
    is the pump still purring?
  21. Agree
    Allshevski reacted to SeanAngelo in Cpu overheating   
    is the pump working?
  22. Informative
    Allshevski reacted to WoodenMarker in (Edit*) Best Black Case Fans?   
    NF-S are for unobstructed airflow.
    NF-F are for focus-flow and have high static pressure.
    NF-P are a balance of the two and is a well-rounded fan. 
    NF-A are an update to the NF-P
    iPPC's only come in NF-F12's and NF-A14's and aren't meant for people who want a very quiet system.
    If you want a fan recommendation, tell us what you are using the fan for. 
    Fan designs that are optimized for static pressure tend to not be as quiet and are usually not as good for airflow-to-noise if the static pressure isn't necessary. 
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    Allshevski got a reaction from Heesleemer in Best silent fans (140m)?   
    @Heesleemer @WoodenMarker
    This: http://www.silentpcreview.com/article1345-page7.html
    Not only they are as silent as noctuas but look better and are way cheaper. 
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    Allshevski reacted to ToniBamboni in How does White, Black and Red colour scheme sound?   
    Here's mine
    Ignore the ugly cables I'm going to buy red extentions.
  25. Informative
    Allshevski got a reaction from Rodinski in Anyone else concerned over no man's sky multiplayer aspects?   
    Elite: Dangerous
    Space Citizen
    I don't know what else.