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    Crucial Ballistix Tactical LP 2x8GB
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    Nanoxia Deep Silence 1
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  1. A lot of people seem to be assuming that "faster must always be better" but that isnt always the case. For example: What if you have a specific amount of vibration tolerance in your system and a 7200rpm drive is over that? Or you have a power budget, and spinning at 7200rpm is over that? Or what if you already have an array of 5 disks at 5400rpm and add a new one thinking it is the same thing, but it turns out the manufacturer lied to you? Or how about straight up the manufacturer lied to you about what they were giving you and that should be a g
  2. Security through obscurity. This does stop you from being hacked, but doesnt really fix the problem in reality. Just takes one bored person
  3. All those things are mitigate-able by choices made at purchase of the phone i think. User replaceable battery and screen isnt nearly as difficult as most people make it out to be, and costs a fraction of what even going to a store to replace it would cost. Updates that cause a phone to shit the bed.... well im not sure that has ever happened unless a you lost power in a bios flash? but choosing a phone or a brand that has good enough public support on something like XDA isnt hard. And rooting and flashing (on android) is easier now more than ever id say. Now.... being reliant on th
  4. Define: Lasts I have have a few phones that are older than 3 generations. They still call, access the internet, can do almost anything in the playstore other than modern games. I have them doing things like being a remote for plex/kodi, home automation, entertainment systems.My current phone i think is coming up on 2 years and its battery still lasts 2 days of moderate use (6hr screen on with 50% brightness). If youre willing to replace your battery (not hard for most phones) 3 years is a joke. You can keep a modern smartphone alive until they shut off the 4g antennas f
  5. Guess I'm going to stop watching YouTube entirely. Literally the only reason i ever went to it was through an email notification link. I have never used the front page, or recommended pages or anything like that. Sucks for those creators, guess YouTube doesn't consider my views to be worth it. Secondary note, if it wasnt for this forum and this post, i wouldve never heard of this or known at all. Did they not see fit to notify their users in any way whatsoever?
  6. 10 months since the 4 and 4xl launch
  7. I eventually gave in. Whitelisting for sites that i frequent and i trust, but for many sites i block everything and donate as patrons or to live streams or buying merch. Linus i know has said in the past that even small donations likely will end up as more money to the creator than adblock would take away from them. Same with something like YoutubeRed. Its a shame that a bunch of assholes ruined something that helped make the internet what it is today. But there are too many tracking cookies, cryptominers, fingerprinters now days to justify me not using adblock. aloing
  8. Man people are having a way harsher reaction to this than i couldve possibly imagined. Not sure what that says about the forums.
  9. If your family has rules saying dont do it, and doesnt stop them from doing it. Someone is always responsible. Just because your subordinates did it doesnt mean youre not responsible for their actions on some level.
  10. Because they are the same price as the list launch price when the first came out. Not the same price as they are currently on sale for now. Meaning instead of replacing the existing priced lineup, they reset the prices for maybe a few % improvement.
  11. I honestly don't get that orientation of case. Why not flip it outside down and have all the ports coming out the bottom, and then raise it up a bit to let it have a skirt or something to hide/route the cords. Then just make it one or two glass and put 2 120 fans on the non-thermal/non-mobo side and a single fan on top, 120/140/200 or whatever. Why is there so damn much plastic making the case seem even larger than it already is for an ITX? Why is the PSU cord in such an odd spot? Why is the PSU even in that position to begin with? So damn many strange desi
  12. Software as a service and hardware as a service. Nothing is surprising about this now days. The definition of "ownership" has been drastically diluted by the tech industry in the past 20 years. But so long as people keep buying and clicking agree to those terms and conditions, thats not going to change. The government has no reason to step in like people believe.
  13. Weird feature, but i like the fact they are trying to innovate. This could be really cool if it was a part of something like the H1 case where it comes with the PSU and already has specific length cables. Cant say it would be super useful everywhere but i like that they are trying more than most companies.
  14. Speaking from the other side of this. The devs totally understand and wish they could do more to help. This is a corporate management and image issue. I have been a part of a few of these "Safety Stand-downs" (What they called them) where everyone dropped scope work and tried to knock out as many defects as they could in two weeks. The problem is that isnt enough time for many large issues, and then management pretends like they fixed everything and pushes everyone back onto their scope work. The devs always wish they could fix more things, or larger things, but defect fixes dont
  15. 349 bucks for a case, psu, cpu cooler, and riser seems a bit steep for me. But then again cases now days have drastically increased in cost since i bought my last one. I remember paying 189 for it (imported from germany) and thinking it was a fortune for it. But in the ~7 years since then 200 bucks seems 'normal' for a mid tier case, and 70-80 dollar cases are 'bottom of the barrel' shit with no features. Looks cool, id like it, but possibly too rich for my blood and the cooling seems not great.