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  1. i dunno, all my drivers are up to date
  2. i7 4790k gigabyte z97 gaming g1 wifi 16gb hyperx 1866mhz ram asus rx 480 8gb
  3. hey guys everytime i go to launch black ops 3 it say this, used to work and then i went away for a weekend and hasnt worked since, ive reinstalled the game twice and verified integrity multiple times, can someone help, i dont know how to fix it and i wanna play it
  4. so how do i do it? ive seen people do it videos? do i have get a older bios for my motherboard
  5. hey everyone, im about to try overclock my cpu, will be my first time and my motherboard is a asrock z170 pro 4, whats the recommended settings and stuff to overclock my cpu would be great if someone could help me
  6. hi guys would I be better off with a amd fx 8350 or a intel i5 6400?
  7. i am planning on getting r9 380x to along with it as well
  8. but why would i be getting frame drops stutters when i play games, is that my gpu?