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  1. Yes, it probably never got support to begin with. Yeah, i don't think it is worth it to buy a Z97 board to put my 4790k on it Oh, my bad, I thought that, since it was activated with my microsoft acount i thought i chould just move the drive. I mean I can boot from it via USB fine and it says that it is activated but then again it might come and bite me in the future
  2. Hi, so as the title says I have a MSI H97 PC mate Motherboard (i have the latest BIOS btw ) and I wanted to use a Samsung 970 EVO plus nvme m.2 SSD as a boot drive to avoid getting a new copy of windows 10 or buying a sata ssd. I bought a Sabrent NVMe m.2 to pcie adapter and the BIOS detects the sdd and i can select as boot option but it can actually boot from it (in this nvme to pcie adapter). I happen to get a nvme m.2 to USB adpater and i can boot from there fine but the adatper is a lowner and i have to give it back. I was wondering if any of you had a similar situation with an o
  3. Cool design, very handy, such wow. Now serious whould be awsome to put in my attic, plus the video of the "most comfortable gaming setup" i'm waiting for for ideas.