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  1. i do have low quality psu vs550 but i dont know why it freezes when watching youtube ? i don t know what could be causing this and makes me sad last 2 hours already 4 times freeze.
  2. hello, this thread is old but this freezing thing still bugs me . I ran memtest86 and passed with no errors, done chkdsk thingy and passed and no errors, checked my hard drive with hard disk sentinel and both my ssd and hdd 100% perfomance and health. i upgraded drivers for all possible things in my pc, usbs, gpu drivers. my pc is still 4,4ghz @ 1.2v and if overclock wasnt stable it would bsod instead of just freeze and only chance to get out is press restart button on my pc. also checked event viewer but there is nothing critical showing up expect "system has rebooted without cleanly shutting
  3. what? when it would be unstable my pc would bsod
  4. i dont think thats the case, it would display other errors and why it dosent crash when im playing high load games
  5. i5 4690k @ 4,4ghz 8gb ddr3 r9 280x vs550 ssd 120gb and hdd 1tb
  6. for some reason my pastebin got deleted but ill post it here
  7. i have latest z87-hd3 and checked i have latest bios(f8) if thatts what you mean yes, 4690k to 4,4ghz @ 1.2v ive monitored cpu temps and theyre normal. and it dosent only happens when gaming it happens multiple times just surfing around internet. i also have weak psu corsair vs550, could that be the problem ?
  8. Hello, i dont know how to repeat this process but sometimes time to time my pc just starts slowing down, apps start freezing and when i give computer more tasks to do (like closing something or opening new thing) it just slows down to complete freeze. Nothing works, waiting dosent help and only thing helps me is restart button on pc and after that my computer returns to normal. I dont know what to do but it bugs me alot because sometimes it happens middle of important game https://pastebin.com/9ySFXssE here is pastebin from event viewer
  9. when ive been playing/surfing in pc for maybe 1-2 hours it dosent do that, but when its long session and im gonna turn my pc off(its shutdown 100%) it turns off, fans stay quiet for 1.5sec and then suddenly turns back on to windows. i turn off again and then its quiet.. I use VS550 maybe its power supply? yes its low qual i know, im planning to upgrade soon but is it caused by power supply or something else? fast boot is disabled both from windows and bios/uefi even tho it turns on same speed lol . from bios i disabled some ErP but it still does the same thing.. help? mobo z87-hd3 if it helps
  10. https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/a91afe6 50-76hz from manual it shows this https://gyazo.com/fe424bd875c6f7eb32c86e3ec0dd9768 i would like to get atleast 1024x768(4:3) 75hz for cs go because thats the res i use there but no idea how to get that with radeon settings, i remember nvidia showed instantly with what res what hz i can get.......
  11. benq gw2320 monitor site shows 50-76hz, i want to get atleast 75hz but only get 60hz i have r9 280x and dvi port, 16:9 1920x1080. tried overclocking but only to 66hz and i see no point keeping it even my old dvi 5:4 monitor was able to get 75hz. help?
  12. I've also had ntoskrln.exe caused bluscreens but with irql_not_less_or_equal error! Seems like ntroskrln.exe is somekind of magic file, I've haven't found fix for it and asked this forum, but no one has replied to me I know how to replicate it so I just disable the program what dont like to work togethor and then it dissapeared. Sad!
  13. if you are not overclocking then 212 is ok, but i would invest more since i have it and regret it. (i have overclocked)
  14. nah nty occt bsod 2 minutes into testing, meanwhile i just played 2 hours rust no problem and multiple times gta v for good 3-4 hours and no problem