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  1. Thanks, but then I'd have to change the mobo as well.
  2. Hey guys! Do you think this is a money-saving and powerful gaming device? Please give me your thoughts! http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GX7QrH
  3. im using the deathadder chroma, it feels great for playing LoL. Very comfortable, great design and no issues at all
  4. Wowww that is one cheap SSD, any issues so far??
  5. i think xperia E4 would be great
  6. hmm, how about games like bf4, gta5, crysis3, assassin's creed syndicate on 250 GB SSD and 1TB hardware?
  7. I see, can you recommend me the best cheap monitor under $100 and mechanical gaming keyboard too
  8. Not sure about the other corsair series except AXi
  9. i think its 10-20 bucks difference.
  10. Hey guys! I need help whether Seasonic S12ll bronze 520W fits perfectly into MSI H97 Gaming 3 mobo, Seagate Barracuda 3.5 1 TB, Samsung 250 GB Evo series SSD and MSI R9 380. Ps. I'm new to this PC building stuff...
  11. or maybe the person who posted this might be the scammer? since he is not responding? :?
  12. can you give me some feedback from my future rig. ignore the right hand side btw, just price tags
  13. yup, btw is 250GB of ssd perfect for playing games with big files??
  14. Hey guys! Can you recommend me the best $100 under 24 inch monitor and $100 under gaming mechanical keyboard please
  15. I think i will change the powersupply to seasonic S12ll 520W, saving 1000 Baht and can u recommend me a cheap and not too big monitor and gaming keyboard under 100 USD please?
  16. does each parts fit into that mobo??