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  1. My parents hate me playing video games every single day even though I've finished all my work which is due the next day. And playing 2-3 times of game per week satisfies her but not me.
  2. Also, I have one older brother who just fell in love with League of Legends. Although he can't even self control, he doesn't get bad marks when it comes to huge exams (O'Levels). However my parents keeps on complaining him for playing games late at night. I just don't wanna end up like him, I wanna have a great success in my future.
  3. I have Asian parents.... you have German parents.... *sigh
  4. The thing is, my parents hate me playing video games because it will ruin my life...
  5. Do you think making daily routine planner might help?
  6. In the future, I do wanna have an ambition based on IT however I'm worried that I won't be able to control myself once I buy the games which I've wanted to play for ages... All I do at home all day is scrolling through boring newsfeed on Facebook and 9gag for extra fun. I only study when there is an upcoming exam. I am quite unsocial with friends at school because I moved to Thailand recently which led me to stress. I just don't know whether building a gaming PC is the right option for my future
  7. I am not a hardcore gamer. Recently I stopped playing League of Legends because I got really bored of playing... I play games on mac book pro which is leading me to build a gaming pc I rarely get addicted to play games for like 5-6 hours (only league of legends) I don't think I have the responsibilities to play games at a small amount of time... I've never experienced playing on other latest games like GTA 5, fallout4, all CoD games etc. I only sticked to one game called League of Legends which I recently stopped playing... Woww man, you have a busy body!
  8. Hello, for few days I've been planning to build a gaming PC but at the same time I'm worried about my future as I am a student with an average mark of 'A's-'B's. I tend get bored if I don't play video games. Do you think it is a risky move for me to build a gaming PC at this important stage of my life?
  9. I'm also facing the same issues -.- URGHHh
  10. get a cotton swab and rub the surface with alcohol.
  11. A 64 gb sd card inside a phone with great battery life ._.
  12. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GX7QrH ^around your budget. If you're considering about future upgrade, I recommend this build.
  13. I heard AMD makes bad processors (I might be wrong).
  14. Maybe the screws are not tight? not sure
  15. You missed out the most important component, POWER SUPPLY X(
  16. try checking the number of pins on your components and make sure they have the same number.