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Posts posted by yjm2k

  1. It's pretty good, pretty silent and performs pretty well in comparison to other cards. But it does run hot at idle as the fans stop.

    That's gonna be a huge issue, however I'm looking foward to future upgrades :D
  2. The SanDisk Ultra II is a pretty good value. Got one in my HTPC.

    On the other hand, if you're willing to pay a little (a lot) more, the Samsung 850s look pretty sweet.


    You pay for what you get, I switched from HyperX to Samsung just for better reliability.

    or should I get 120 GB SSD with 1 TB HDD?

  3. Just play on PC when all important things are finished. If you fail in school now, it will change your Life in a very bad way. As long you dont win the lottery, you need a good Job. And to get a good Job, you have to be successfull in School. But there is always time to play a Game here and there. But you are 15. Very soon the time will come, Girls will interest you more than any Videogame ;)

    Having relationships at my age will ruin my exams! xD