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    Bangkok, Thailand
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    Games and PCs
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    Hey guys! I like tech :D
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    Student at the moment . . .
  1. yjm2k

    gta san andreas?

    just torrent it although it takes some time
  2. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GX7QrH Less than $900, but you can replace other components. (btw this is a solid 1080p gaming rig)
  3. yjm2k

    R9 380

    That's gonna be a huge issue, however I'm looking foward to future upgrades
  4. yjm2k

    R9 380

    Can you explain about the storage in gpu?? I'm sorta confused.
  5. yjm2k

    R9 380

    Hey guys! Any thoughts on MSI VGA R9 380 4GB ddr5?? Thanks .
  6. What about MSI VGA R9 380 Gaming 4GB ddr5?
  7. It's a lot of money when spending in a game, but I don't think it is worth spending that amount of money just for a knife.
  8. csgo is the most bullshit game ever. Some knives are like more than $1000 thats just bloody expensive!
  9. I play CSGO on Mac, I get pissed every time I play because of low FPS, immature kids/teens and many smurfs having fun. This game is worse than League of Legends is2g -.-