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  1. Call of Duty 1, 2, MW, MW2, MW3, Black Ops. Half Life 2, Advent Rising, Battlefield 1.
  2. Just found the issue and updated the OP, but thanks.
  3. Hi, Over the last few days, I've noticed that Overwatch loads very slow - character models take a few minutes to load, as well as the game's menu and pretty much everything else. I've just checked my HDD's Read speed with HD Tune and the result is a miserable 4.5mb/s maximum (3.7mb/s minimum). All my HDDs are similar models except for their capacity and the others get a read speed of around 145mb/s max so something is wrong here. I have just freed a bunch of stuff from the HDD so it now has 2TB free out of 3.81TB. What else can I do, other than replacing it? Thanks.
  4. Can I check the stability of the card using software instead of a game? Like a stress-test?
  5. You mean make my GPU weaker for a game to work? Doesn't make any sense to me.
  6. Hi, I've been trying to enjoy this game since it came out but, playing the campaign, the game freezes after a few minutes of gameplay. The only way out of it is to use the physical reset button. I've already updated the AMD driver (using an RX 580). I'd appreciate suggestions as I don't even know how to update the game (it's on the Xbox app, using Game Pass for PC). Thanks.
  7. Thank you all. Looks like my only option is to optimize ram usage by not running unnecessary apps, etc.
  8. Hi, I've recently started using SolidWorks and already at the 2D-sketch stage my Galaxy Book 12 runs out of memory (4GB). There's no way to add RAM to this PC (it's soldered), and I wonder if there's anything I can do to improve the situation, like adding an SD card that's dedicated to a page file or maybe dedicate some of the SSD to this duty... Please let me know if there's anything to be done. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Bought a used Xbox one s on Saturday, finally got to use it today by playing quantum break. Audio was great but I noticed that the surround speakers don’t work, only the front 3 + subwoofer. Went to xbox audio settings and changed from stereo to surround (tried both 5.1 and 7.1) and now the center channel is very quiet compared to the other channels so dialogues are difficult to hear. I don’t want to mess with my avr speaker levels since they’re perfectly set and calibrated. I’m looking for a fix on the Xbox itself. Will appreciate your advice. Thanks
  10. Worst advice. Stay away from gimmicky headphones. If if you don’t need sound sealing, get open back headphones. I love my HD598 but am not sure about long term usage since I don’t use them often.
  11. They are pre built by a local company. The psu is a Zeus PS520GW and the motherboard is a gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H. There’s no dedicated gpu.
  12. I don’t understand your question. You want the model of what?
  13. Hi, In my brother’s store, electricity got cut off two or three times. Two PCs with identical hardware won’t turn on, but a third pc with different hardware survived. I’ve used the pin method to check the psu fan and it works. What else should I check and how? Thanks
  14. I buy most of my stuff used these days, and I do mean most: computer equipment, photography equipment, smartphones, etc. Out of dozens of used products that I’ve purchased, I’ve only had one problem so far: a computer psu that failed after 1.5 years or so.
  15. Alrighty, good news! After years of dealing with the crackling sound problem, I'm pretty sure I've found the culprit. I've recently read about something called DCP and a program named LatencyMon, I ran it while the NVIDIA card was disabled and all was fine (audio too), and a few minutes ago I've reinstalled the NVIDIA driver and plugged the HDMI into it, and the audio issue was back (I did use DDU for driver removal). I ran LatencyMon and it told me I have audio latency problems, that are probably caused by the WLAN driver. I disabled the Realtek ethernet driver in Device Manager, restarted an
  16. I’ve purposely cut off a piece of an AMD gpu for it to fit inside a small case. Worked out fine, it’s still running years later.
  17. By the way, does the r9 290 support 4K video (hevc)? My cpu can’t handle it... Thanks.
  18. I’ve tried countless times, no idea what causes it and I’m tired of bothering. I’ll look into the cards you’ve mentioned. Some are newer so I guess I’ll have to add $40 or so, but that’s ok.
  19. Hi, I'm having hdmi audio issues through my gpu and I’m hoping to have better luck with an AMD card. Whats an equivalent AMD card (more or slightly less) to a gtx 970? I’ll probably be looking at used because I don’t want to add money. My 970 is rather noisy, including when idle. It’s the mini-itx version by gigabyte with one fan, and I hope the AMD will be better in this regard. I don’t need a mini itx card! Thanks.
  20. Hi, I've contacted an iPhone 7 seller and turns out he doesn't remember the iCloud password AND his hotmail's account password. When he tries to recover his iCloud account, it sends an SMS to his iPhone 5 which is no longer usable. Does that mean that the iPhone 7 is useless and cannot be reset?
  21. Unplugging the TV won't help either, because the GPU sees the AVR, not the TV that's connected to it. And without the AVR, there's no sound, so I guess I'll learn to live with Extended mode. CoD WWII seems to work fine, it let me choose the display.
  22. I thought Duplicate means 'display the same content on both displays', not 'use the same resolution for both displays'...
  23. What I need is for the NVIDIA GPU to send the proper signal to each device. Question is, how do I do this...
  24. Hi, I have two devices connected to my GTX 970: 1. A Dell monitor with a 1920x1200 resolution (via DVI). 2. A Denon AVR which is connected to a 1080p TV (both via HDMI). The speakers are connected to the AVR, so I can never have the Denon display deactivated, in order for audio to work. The problem is that the NVIDIA Control Panel confuses between the two devices. While it identifies them properly, when I set the display mode to Duplicated, it sends the same 1080p signal to both devices, which means that everything looks weird on the Dell mo