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  1. thank you so much! I was really worried!
  2. ok so pretty much on the out port of the pump just put a extender then a t splitter then the ball valve at the bottom of the T splitter? and if I do that can I just throw on some soft tubing to drain
  3. can you explain to me why i need the extender
  4. oh ok, im new to the whole water cooling. doesnt the exit port from the pump go back to the radiator? sorry for the noob questions
  5. can I put any thing to the bottom of the reservoir because that would be ideal
  6. oh crap, I thought it was aluminum!! but you dont think I can put in a fitting for my drain on the bottom of the resinous ?
  7. Ok so im looking into getting the EK-KIT HT360 but I am running into a big problem. I dont know how I am going to drain the system. I don't know if you can install a ball valve on the bottom of the pump or not and if I can where can I find a ball valve that will fit and will be ok with aluminum! Please help me, ive never done water cooling and really need some help
  8. I have a i5 6600k 1060 6gb 16gb of ram
  9. Please help! Every game I get on I get 100% in task manager and it happened with my ram untill I updated some things. Please help asap!
  10. I think my problem is solved! I updated my drivers. Im gonna run some games and see how it works
  11. its using about 2gb right now but the page pool is still high