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  1. no I meant gen 2 pcie. the cpu is a core 2 duo 775. Anyways, thanks for the help, I figured it out!
  2. hmm I did some more research and it turns out if its gen 2 I should be fine, but if its gen 1 I should be fine as well, my only problem now is compatibilty
  3. I have been able to take older optiplex machines in the past and upgraded them fairly well, just realize certain things may just flop completely due to weird drivers, which is more likely with old hardware
  4. its from 2009 if that helps
  5. I know its backwards compatible but im just afraid that with using a 1st gen 4x slot, the ssd wont even be faster than the current hard drive
  6. Okay, I have honestly no idea, its from an old dell Vostro 230 and the dell website has no info I can find on what gen the pcie slots are, its really no help
  7. I am considering getting a cheap 64GB ssd for an old pc (ADATA), but im not sure what gen the PCIe is. I think it may be gen 1 or maybe 2, and the only PCIe to SATA converters I see dont utilize a full 16x, could this cause bottlenecks? Is it possible the older motherboard wont even boot off a drive it sees as PCIe at all? Will it even see the drive? Thanks.
  8. but is it possible to have both running at once? The server I can access via our network, and normal windows?
  9. I have an old dell I plan on turning into a computer for my younger brother and server, using 2 1tb hard drives and possibly buying some new components. What kindof software would probably be best for this. Preferably something with low demand, as the hardware is very cheap. Thanks!
  10. Rig Name: Satis Version 2.1 Cpu: core i5-4590 Gpu: EVGA GTX 950 OC edition Ram: Patriot 16gb dual channel My machine did much better than I expected, im pretty proud.
  11. MrWazoo

    Headphone stand?

    I was watching a video and I saw a pc with a headphone stand that folds out of the 5.25inch bay. Does anyone know what this is?
  12. Why the Hell does A mouse need a processor and onboard memory?
  13. I dont think there are any problems that I know of.